Exploring The Notion of Limited Timbral Diversity through Rich Jazz Fusions and Clarinet: Brooklyn Based Artist Stefan Kristinkov Introduces New EP

Exploring The Notion of Limited Timbral Diversity through Rich Jazz Fusions and Clarinet: Brooklyn Based Artist Stefan Kristinkov Introduces New EP
A Clarinetist with An Extensive International Background, Stefan Releases Five Eclectic Tracks from His Sophomore Solo Project ‘The Clarinet Vibe’, set to inspire and enthrall.

A dynamic talent, Stefan Kristinkov, in his sophomore EP ‘Clarinet Vibe’ detaches from the exemplifying pressures conform to mainstream jazz. The audacious artist revives the clarinet, a rare instrument in jazz fusion music, incorporating it in the eclectic tunes all the five tracks in the EP have to offer

With his cross-over jazz approach, the seasoned artist highlights the authenticity embedded within the origination of his songs. Stefan extends his musical vision to microscopically choosing the number of pitches, constraining his songs to a niche rhythmic orchestration, and creating his ground beyond mainstream jazz music.

‘Clarinet vibe’ swings jubilantly into the alluring contrast of an array of instrumental textures the artist has to offer. The songs reel listeners into the EP’s mesmerizing production, complementing his well-controlled timbral range.

The extent to which this unique album will sphere into the world of jazz is undeniable. The drastic push to step out of one’s comfort zone is what makes Stefan Kristinkov an artist worthy of listening. Although short, the five tracks showcase the delicate fabric of his voice, intricate placement of instruments, and jarring songwriting enough for the album to feel nothing short of a musical voyage

Stefan’s album is another one of those recordings that fall under the arc of compulsive listening. Harmonies, Distinctiveness, Dynamic Improvisations: it’s all there with a mix of compositions and classics. There is not much an album can offer beyond the aforementioned.

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Stefan Kristinkov is an eclectic composer from New York. Unafraid to experiment with newer sounds, the artist seamlessly stands out in a crowd of hundreds of others trying their hand at Jazz.

Known for his background in independent films, the multi-talented artist incorporates his artistic vision to craft bodies of work such as his stirring new release, ‘Clarinet Vibe.’ Consistently rising within the drastically intricate world of jazz is tough for any artist within the genre. Stefan, with his un-ending curiosity to step outside the norm, however, is determined to spear ahead, propelling himself towards success.


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