Implementing ketteQ’s Agile Supply Chain Methods

All over the world, manufacturers and their distributors are juggling many balls in the air. There are suppliers of raw materials, shop floor production sites, transportation agents, distribution agents in the mix, all with volatile operational conditions.

Just when they think they have a handle on the flow of goods, machines break down at one production plant or a trucking firm goes on strike. Suddenly, a ball drops and they’re scrambling to keep the others in the air.

The answer many manufacturers are relying on today is the agile supply chain. The basic definition is a supply chain that incorporates flexibility and resiliency. By being able to adapt at a moment’s notice, the agile supply chain can overcome most disruptions effectively.

Agile supply chain methods improve the ability to deliver goods on time with few or no partial shipments.

Implementing an agile supply chain involves the following:

• Pull vs. Push Models – Point of sale statistics and consumer trends rule the day as opposed to orders/standing inventory models.

• Symbiotic Collaboration – Automation of real-time inventory data throughout the entire supply chain.

• More Inclusive Sales Analytics – Give your Salesforce real-time analytical data of supply chain status.

• Adaptable Design – Introduce flexibility in product design that can adapt to broken links in supply chains.

• Event Detection – When a link in the supply chain is broken, a plan of action is set in motion to avoid a ripple effect.

Agile supply chains are experiencing rapid growth as more companies move away from lean supply chain models. With current market volatility and rapidly changing global conditions, it is the wise way to overcome any future unknowns.

In addition to supply chain predictability, our revolutionary system integrates seamlessly with SalesForce, the #1 CRM program in the world.

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