Releasing a Brand New Single “No Better”: This is Gypsy General

Releasing a Brand New Single "No Better": This is Gypsy General
Spending a good chunk of his life serving the army while being passionate about music, emerging artist Gypsy Gen. has now returned to pursue music full time and is all set to make it big in the industry.

Up-and-coming artist Gypsy Gen. is a massive force to be reckoned with in the world of music. With immense expertise in the genre of Hip Hop, the artist is quite experienced when it comes to playing around with beats and knows how to come up with unique tunes. He is all set to release a brand new single titled “No Better” in hopes of amassing a loyal fan base who would admire him and his art.

“No Better” would be released as Gypsy’s second single as a Hip Hop artist. He is a rapper who is now making music full time as he has always been incredibly passionate about it. The music Gypsy makes revolves around the main theme of Hip Hop with slight touches of other genres as well. His music is overpowered by catchy beats along with hard-hitting rap verses that get the listeners on their feet. Many people define his music as uplifting as it tends to completely turn around the general vibe of the room it gets played in. The rap verses and powerhouse vocals, along with infectious grooves incorporated throughout the song make people let loose and dance along with the melodious tunes. Apart from the latest single getting released, the artist also has a bunch of other songs – all available on SoundCloud and other music streaming platforms. The Hip Hop collection Gypsy has managed to compose up until now includes songs like “JUDGEMENT DAY”, “WAITING TO BLOW”, “FROM THE SOURCE”, “HE AIN’T ME”, “SLIDE WITH ME”, and many more.

Apart from that, some recent uploads include “ELECTRIC”, “END OF THE TUNNEL”, “BEAT ROCK STEADY”, “WITHCU IN BLOOD”, “FROM THE NOSEBLEEDS”, “VENOMOUS RAGE”, and more. With all these songs already released and a bunch of others getting ready to be released later, the dedicated artist can be seen taking over the Hip Hop world pretty soon. What makes him unique as an artist is his ability to incorporate positive messages in his songs. He believes in creating an optimistic vibe through his music and lyrics so that he can provide a ray of hope to the upcoming generations.

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Gypsy General, commonly known as Gypsy Gen., is a 34 years old Hip Hop artist from Boston, MA. He is an eleven year veteran of the Army Reserves and former Boston City Firefighter. Currently, he is pursuing music full time and is enrolled in LA School of Film where he focuses on Music Composition, Production, and Business.

God has given him the blessing to be here, and so he plans on making the most of it. Furthermore, Gypsy plans on utilizing his gift and delivering the right message for children and teenagers to follow.


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