Jekyo, the World’s First Decentralized Application Platform, Announces Innovative Blockchain and AI Technology That Improves Developer’s Experience

Developers now have a powerful resource to help them monitor security, infrastructure, and deploying, while they focus on building excellent products that improve the lives of users

Developing a successful app can be challenging, especially for a company that wants to create something that people will love, use, and enjoy. But, interestingly, emerging technology in AI and blockchain has generated new ways for developers to achieve success faster.

Jeyko, the world’s first decentralized application platform, announces the launch of its system that uses blockchain and AI technology to help developers deploy, manage, monitor, and secure their applications. The engine is built with the needs and requirements of developers in mind. Jeyko handles infrastructure, security, and other operations so that developers can focus on coming up with genius ideas that will make the app successful.

App development is in stages that require the complete attention of the team of developers. They need to develop the strategy, UI/UX Design, mockups, wireframes, analysis, planning, and other aspects of application development. Every step of these stages is essential, and developers will require all the support they need to succeed.

While trying to get the app ready, developers also worry about security and other operations essential for the app’s success. It can sometimes be frustrating with the enormous responsibilities, especially for developers who don’t have all the technical support they need. Jeyko provides the right solutions using the latest and modern technology in blockchain and AI. The nature of the decentralized application platform and its technological superiority to the alternative makes it super easy for developers to integrate it with their projects and get good results.

Having a reliable blockchain application platform and decentralized cloud makes things easy for developers and gives more powerful tools and resources to improve their apps. As a result, they can create more powerful features that directly impact the users’ lives.

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About Jeyko

Jeyko is the world’s first decentralized application platform that uses blockchain and AI to create resources that support developers. The engine is built to help developers create functional apps that run today’s modern social and business life.

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