Embracing Vulnerabilities of Love and Life with Soulful and Resonant R&B: Eclectic Singer-Songwriter Rosaleen Stuns with New Single

Embracing Vulnerabilities of Love and Life with Soulful and Resonant R&B: Eclectic Singer-Songwriter Rosaleen Stuns with New Single
Touching hearts with the use of stirring production and powerful vocals, Rosaleen stuns listeners with a melodic and immersive mix of lyricism and composition, with her new single, “Crystal” evoking sentiments of nostalgic R&B.

With the release of her sensory and emotion-fueled new single, rising singer-songwriter Rosaleen brings to the music industry a memorable new take on R&B. Immersing listeners in a voyage of love, the talented artist sheds light on the fragility of the heart and how miscommunications can lead to broken hearts.

Titled “Crystal”, the new single has been independently composed and written by Rosaleen who worked in collaboration with a talented colleague from Australia, Lewin Riddell. Presenting listeners an arrangement that is reminiscent of 90’s/early 2000’s R&B music, the track offers a crossroads of contemporary rhythms and old-school sounds.

“Crystal” pays testament to Rosaleen’s promise to embrace raw and vulnerable feelings through her music, in the hopes of making her stories resonate with other listeners. With a strong conviction of being 100% involved in all her productions, the artist hopes to deliver an authentic version of her art. Independently curating the lyrics, melody, arrangement, pre-production and post-production of her tracks, synths, and voice arrangements, Rosaleen tugs at the heartstrings of people, stunning listeners with her lyrical richness.

“I’m honored and grateful that there are people who want to join my musical journey with me and believe in my vision and my mission. My audience should feel like they’re a part of my team,” says Rosaleen regarding her latest release.

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Rosaleen Quiles is a talented American singer-songwriter, pianist and music producer who hails from the heart of Manhattan, New York City. Born on September 14th, 1999, Rosaleen was raised in the land of sunshine- Orlando, Florida.

Having been a classically trained pianist since the age of 6 years old, Rosaleen continues to amaze listeners with unique ways of proudly representing her diverse cultural background. Besides her native language of English, Rosaleen is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, and Korean, and plays a diverse collection of musical styles.

Always moved and enthralled by the stirring force of music, the seasoned artist graduated high school at the age of 17 and was accepted into Berklee College of Music for jazz performance. However, she decided to study close to home, staying close to her roots, while simultaneously discovering her unique musical styles. A seasoned music producer, eclectic engineer, and mesmerizing vocalist, Rosaleen is on the right track towards success, hoping to hone her skills and musical talents with each new release.


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