Pilum Defense Agency, LLC: Investigation and Protection Services Provided by Combat Veterans

Marine and Navy SEAL combat-proven personnel join together to bring unparalleled services.

Pilum Defense Agency, LLC combines Marine and Navy SEAL expertise to bring unparalleled investigation and protection solutions. As a veteran-run and veteran-founded agency, Pilum Defense Agency, LLC boasts a dedicated team of experienced combat personnel with a strict moral code.

“We believe that former military members bring businesses truly unique skills in dealing with unknowable situations and complex security and investigation problem sets,” says Pilum Defense Agency, LLC representative.

What sets Pilum Defense Agency, LLC apart is that it holds itself with time-honored values – integrity, honor, professionalism, teamwork, and valor. Its members possess skills that are honed through real-world experiences and military and law enforcement backgrounds. They boast strategic minds and adaptability that allow them to make split-second decisions during dangerous situations. Their commitment and diligence to their profession also ensure that the team will never give up on clients and pursue all possible clues and avenues during investigations. All members hold themselves at the highest ethical standards and are committed to maintaining client confidence with genuine, transparent service.

Furthermore, as one of the industry leaders in investigative services, Pilum Defense Agency, LLC prides itself on bringing investigations to fruition at the fastest possible time. The agency utilizes cutting-edge technology, analytical fact-finding, and grassroots techniques to derive comprehensive and relevant information during investigations. Their investigative services include full-scope background searches, corporate and civil investigations, and asset searches.

Pilum Defense Agency, LLC also utilizes reactive security methodologies, complex planning, and tactical solutions to safeguard clients, assets, and infrastructure. The agency’s security team are experienced in mitigating high-threat situations, securing the safest paths, and preparing contingencies for any situation. Their protective services include armed uniform security, advanced security planning, and low-profile executive protection.

Aside from investigative and protective services, Pilum Defense Agency, LLC also provides advanced training solutions hosted by their capable team. Their training services include basic weapon manipulation, weapon maintenance, and shooting positions.

The term “pilum” from the agency’s name refers to the javelin used by Roman soldiers to disrupt any attacks to their ranks during warfare. Similarly, Pilum Defense Agency, LLC works to disrupt any threat to their clients by providing quality-driven protection, investigation, and training services.

Learn more about Pilum Defense Agency, LLC at https://www.pilum.com/.

About Pilum Defense Agency, LLC

Pilum Defense Agency, LLC is a well-established and trusted national investigation and protection company in Denver, Colorado. It was founded by a U.S. Marine Corps and Navy SEAL veteran. It is composed of a team of military or law enforcement personnel with extensive combat experience.

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