Amr AlMaliki expert e-commerce helps 7 million people with technology

Amr AlMaliki, Influencer and expert ine-commerce and marketing helps 7 million people around the world.

He is the Egyptian Amr Gamal Almaliki, who loved the computer since his childhood. It seems that the computer also shared the same feeling, and he has a great experience of more than 18 years in technology and the Internet. Amr managed to invent, an idea and an initiative that is the first of its kind to help many young people and families who do not have and do not have a stable source of income, and this is through electronic commerce and work from home.

The Internet can be the only source of income for those who do not have special skills and for the simple women and young girls He deserves the Nobel Prize for this initiative because he used his experience and science to help many people and he is also a successful person by all standards They call him the emperor of technology for his great experience and for his support of many startups and people in the development, spread and publicity on the Internet.


Amr Al-Maliki, also known as, Amr Jamal Al-Maliki, is an influencer and social media personality.

1. E-commerce consultant

2. Digital Marketing Consultant

3. Brand Development Expert

4. Human development coach

5. Trainer to prepare trainers

6. Founder of the initiative and the page of 7 million online jobs

7. He is a writer and he has books written by him

8. Instructional video content creator

9. He has more than 40 certificates

10. Social media influencer

11. Programmer and designer of websites and mobile applications

12. Social media advertising expert

Many foreign and Arab newspapers wrote about him as an influential person and motivating Arab youth to succeed, and because he succeeded in many fields beside his specialization, so he became one of the intellects and has thousands of troubles on his social media. Amr says that all he has reached of knowledge or success is thanks to God, The One and Only Lord of all worlds and by His success, and that man without God and without faith is not worth anything, and this is the secret of anyone’s success.

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