Minister of the Gospel Reverend Leland Core hosting Motorcycle Ride of Peace in October

Esteemed Minister of Gospel Rev. Leland Core is organizing the Motorcycle Ride of Peace movement to raise awareness about prevention of gun violence and creation of a peaceful tomorrow.

Washington, DC – October 01, 2021 – Gun violence in the USA is rising at an alarming rate with each passing year. Gun assault killed around 20,000 people in 2020 and injured a whopping number of 40,000 people the same year. The problem is raising concerns on a large scale and it’s about time every person takes a proactive step to control the menace. In that light, Washington-based Minister of Gospel Reverend Leland Core has announced plans to host the Motorcycle Ride of Peace movement that aims to inspire people to strive to stop violence and bring peace, guided by Christ-centered teachings.  

The Motorcycle Ride of Peace is a part of the “Safe Street Initiatives” launched by Reverend Leland Core with the mission to bring peace in the neighborhood. Although the main focus of the movement is elimination of gun violence yet the movement also strives to address the issues of domestic violence and mental health- the two major problems that drive acts of violence.  

The Motorcycle Ride of Peace is slated to be hosted on October 16, 2021, at 9:00 a.m. EST. The ride will begin from Anacostia Park in Washington, DC.  

In an exclusive interview, while sharing his agony and concerns about the rising rate in gun violence today, Reverend Leland Core emphasized that too much has happened around us for too long. Per his statements, the problem is that we have been on the sideline and allowed the violence to continue to take place all these years. Worse, our silence has left many of our loved ones murdered or maimed – families have been ruined, innocent lives have been lost, there has been mayhem everywhere.  

“I am pleading out to my motorcycle riders, my motorcycle brothers and sisters, to join me on October 16. God has led my heart to organize The Motorcycle Ride of Peace and I extend a warm welcome to all of you to join me in this ride. The ride offers a great opportunity for all of us to congregate and look into ourselves- look for a positive change, which if can be brought collectively, would go a long way in changing the alarming course of gun violence in our neighborhood”, stated Reverend Leland Core. 

“God helps those who help themselves. So, if we are willing to proactively take part in eliminating the menace called ‘gun violence’, God will help us to put up a strong fight against it. The Motorcycle Ride of Peace is our initiative to make a positive difference on earth through the help of Christ-centered teachings.”

The Motorcycle Ride of Peace aims to be a popular movement driven by the ethos to bring peace to the streets through violence prevention, anger management, core value programs as well as security awareness.  

“Combined with our love for riding, together we will embark on a journey to reduce negativity arising from violence and create a positive peace. The upcoming ride is just the beginning of the violence-free safer and happier tomorrow we have envisioned for the near future.” 

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