Non-I.T. Individuals Successfully Learn DevOps Skills Through Darey.IO’s Project-Based Learning

Darey.IO’s Proven-Effective Hands-On Learning Helps People With Little to No Background In I.T. Acquire the Skills and Start A Career in DevOps.

When it comes to acquiring skills in DevOps, Darey.IO knows that the best approach is through hands-on learning. While there are countless resources readily available online about its processes and concepts, the company proves that these do not equate to the learning efficacy of doing the real thing.

Many people spend hours watching video tutorials to understand the different tools used by DevOps Engineers. However, there are very few options available on where they can apply this piled-up knowledge. Without a way to practice what they learned; it fails to materialize into actual, functional skills.

Darey.IO offers the solution: Project-Based-Learning which is often called PBL by its many students.

The unique learning platform helps non-IT degree and non-degree holders to acquire the skills needed to launch a career in DevOps in such a smooth way. By providing their students not only the frameworks and theories but also substantial hands-on experience, the company is able to boost their capabilities to levels comparable to practicing professionals with over 3 years of experience.

After completing their 30-PBL projects, the Darey.IO team states that their learners achieve the same proficiency as many engineers who have been in the industry for three years.

Learning through real-world projects and practical use cases, rather than theories, is the best way to learn technology concepts,” said the Darey.IO team.

The effectiveness of Darey.IO’s teaching method is backed by the company’s statistics. Notably, 92% of its learners had zero background in IT prior to enrolling in their classes and yet Darey.IO has successfully maintained a 100% record of skill acquisition, especially after completing their Master Class program which runs for 3 months.

Upon joining the platform, participants are taught the fundamentals of using DevOps tools primarily on Linux Terminal. Together with this, they learn automation with other technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Jenkins, Istio, Ansible, Helm, and more.

Students will then begin their hands-on DevOps journey of implementing real-world projects under Darey.IO’s Project Based Learning program (PBL.)

During the program, students benefit from one-to-one and group mentor sessions where their technical problems are resolved on live sessions.This specialized facet of Information Technology is among the most challenging. However, Darey.IO recognizes that DevOps is also one of the most sought-after skills in the industry. Gaining competence in this field will open up work opportunities to people and the company hopes that it can lead its students towards this through their learning programs.

Darey.IO has a vibrant community comprising social learners and mentors currently numbering more than three thousand.

More information about the Darey.IO and its programs can be found on their website,

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