20-year-old college student to launch innovative mental wellness app exclusively for college students

Buddi is the first ever mental wellness app for college students.

Commack, NY – October 04, 2021 – 65% of college students report experiencing poor mental health. The problem has only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year and half. In that light, a visionary college student, Vincent Manna, has developed a revolutionary mental wellness app that would enable college students to discuss their feelings with peers and seek suggestions for overcoming the problems. Titled “Buddi”, the app aims to create a resourceful, supportive, and productive community for the struggling students that would eventually help to boost confidence in students, save lives and reduce drop-out rates. 

Buddi will be officially launched to the App Store in October 2021. 

The FIRST-of-its-kind, Buddi is driven by the mission to carve out a safe social space where college students can freely interact and discuss their anxiety and other related issues as empathize and help each other.  

“Did you know 82% of college students deal with anxiety? Or, that 68% experience loneliness/social isolation and 64% have dropped out of college because of mental health issues? Yes, the stats are scary”, stated Vincent. 

“Being a college student, I have seen first-hand many of my peers struggling with mental well-being. Causes behind the problem can be many and varied, ranging from academic pressures, social pressures, relationship issues, high expectations from family, and so on. Worse, there is an irrational stigma associated with mental ailments which prevents a lot of students from expressing their problems freely. This is where Buddi seeks to help with its innovative approach.” 

(In frame : Vincent Manna)

Buddi is intelligently designed to create a semi-anonymous community where users will be able to share their feelings, without having to show their faces. Other users, who are looking to help fellow college students, will receive an opportunity to offer empathy and support for those in need. 

The app will cater to almost all kinds of mental health issues experienced by college students. While browsing the community feed for resources or help, users will be able to filter by tags like relationships, ADHD, drug addiction etc. and colleges to find a specific community.  

Another interesting feature of Buddi is the Live Chat option.  

“At times, when you are down with mental anxiety, the most comforting thing for you would be to talk to someone. We have a ‘Share’ button on our app. You would just need to click on it and you will have an empathetic friend waiting for you on the other end. In case you are volunteering your time to listen to your friends who are looking for an ear, you will simply have to click on the ‘Listen’ button. This way, you will be able to help a fellow student find his/her way out of the issues.” 

Top features of Buddi at a glance: 

  • Semi-anonymous community feed
  • Vast range of resources on mental wellness
  • Live chat facility for immediate peer therapy
  • Exclusivity to active college students
  • Backed by powerful safety measures 

For more information, please visit https://www.talkbuddi.com 

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