MyFood takes innovation to the next level by using drones and robots to deliver food and groceries

iBay Systems Pte Ltd, a leading Singapore-based IT company, announces the launch of the e-commerce platform MyFood, which offers three innovative features: drone delivery, robotic delivery, and ChatCo, a WhatsApp-based ordering.

iBay Systems has announced the launch of the e-commerce platform MyFood, a game-changer in the industry that uses drones and robots to deliver food and groceries. iBay has seen a significant uptick in interest amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as protocols keep people at home and consumers seek safe delivery. 

“The whole world is witnessing a change never seen before. Time has taken us to a stage where the whole of humanity is experiencing a complete transformation in what we think, what we experience, and what we do. Things are changing as fast as light and sound travel. That’s where MyFood comes into the picture,” a company representative said in a statement.

MyFood offers three innovative features: drone delivery, robotic delivery, and ChatCo (WhatsApp-based ordering).

iBay introduces a new wave of e-commerce in the Southeast Asian region by enabling brands and consumers to communicate through live representatives and Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants to explore offerings, make transactions, receive services, and help with their purchases.

MyFood utilizes ChatCo, a WhatsApp-based ordering, to take orders. ChatCo in MyFood features disruptive AI technology, the first of its kind in the entire region.

iBay Systems also introduces a revolutionary drone delivery feature. This technology aims to ensure the safety and convenience of the public. 

“The drones will deliver food and groceries. It’s an amazing technology, and it’s the first in Southeast Asia. The way that we unlock regulatory approval is to show that this electronic bird is of high reliability,” the representative explained.

MyFood also showcases an impressive Robotic Delivery feature, an excellent way to deliver food packages while social distancing protocols remain in place. 

The pandemic-era rise in focus on autonomous delivery has brought iBay to scale up efforts to bring technology closer to consumers, especially as the world craves safe delivery on all things – from food to medical supplies and other necessities.

iBay Systems is an IT company that provides IT-based solutions and products for all industries in a creative way. It is a company founded on the principle of providing competent software solutions to clients’ needs.

Its team of experienced and innovative professionals provides the necessary support and expertise to propel businesses forward.

“We ensure our products solutions perfectly address the Retail and F&B industry problems with the most cost effective and at the highest quality,” the company representative assured.

iBay Systems is also set to roll out the MyFood Electronic Bird – something customers have to watch out for.

MyFood delivers Island-wide,  the ultimate preference of food lovers and enthusiasts alike, bringing the best Asian cuisines right to their doorstep. It offers a curated list of Indian cuisine for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or even late-night supper. Food enthusiasts can enjoy mouth-watering signatures Indian dishes such as Nasi biryani, tandoori, tikkas, thosai, curry dishes, and more. 

Those who want to learn more about MyFood may visit its website for more information.

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