MEDIC.P.A.M allows Haitian patients to consult local doctors and purchase medications at nearby pharmacies

October 4, 2021 – MEDIC.P.A.M is an easy-to-use healthcare solution that provides telehealth, prescription fills, doctor visits, and health education services to the people of Haiti. MEDIC.P.A.M makes Haitian healthcare accessible and affordable to Haitians by connecting them with local doctors and pharmacies. It empowers them to make the best healthcare decisions whenever they want at a price they can afford.

Haitians, good news has come your way. Wherever you are, or whatever the time, all you need to do is grab your smartphone, open your browser, and type In the search box, enter the name of the medication you are looking for or the pain you are feeling. In no time, you will find nearby pharmacies that sell your medications or local doctors to give you a diagnosis and discuss your medical treatment,” says Bobb Rousseau, CEO of MEDIC.P.A.M.

After the web consultations, doctors can utilize the site to search for the medication they want to prescribe to their patients and submit the said prescription to the pharmacy nearest to the patients or the pharmacy the patient chooses. The patients, after that, will pick up the medication at their convenience.

MEDIC.P.A.M is open to all medical teams, pharmacies, and doctors to list their services. To list your pharmacy or clinic on the MEDIC.P.A.M website, kindly contact Dr. Bobb Rousseau at, 618-823-8701.

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