Making New Music for His Fans Worldwide: This is Zay

Making New Music for His Fans Worldwide: This is Zay
Incorporating deep messages in his songs and creating music for a variety of age groups to enjoy, up-and-coming artist Zay is ready to make it big in the world of music.

Emerging artist Zay is an extremely talented and experienced musician who has incredible expertise in the genres of Hip Hop and Rap. While being versatile and flexible with his creative skills, the artist tries his best to make music that resonates with a large group of audience. Zay has just released his brand new single titled “Ah Yeah” on September 16th, 2021.

With the release of the song, the artist is hoping for his music to get out there in the world and attract people towards him. He wants his music to leave such a strong impact on people that they truly get lost in the melodies and forget about all their worries. This would make people start admiring him as an artist of this era and build Zay a loyal fan base that would support him throughout his musical journey. “Ah Yeah” was released last month on most major music streaming/downloading platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. Heavily dominated by rich melodies, the song is full of catchy tunes and groovy beats. The hard-hitting melodies and powerhouse vocals are completely capable of making people dance along to the song and turning around the vibe of a party. The song is a beautiful blend of Zay’s personal experiences molded into meaningful lyrics and fire Hip Hop themes. Most of his music revolves around the same themes of personal life stories incorporated with unique melodies.

What makes Zay extremely unique as an artist is his range and diversity when it comes to making music. He is a kind of artist that is capable of giving any sort of feel to a song. Whether it’s nostalgic, motivational, intimate, or uplifting, he is creative enough to turn the song in any direction he wants. This approach towards music makes him stand out amongst other musicians from the same genres. He doesn’t limit himself to one thing, rather keeps himself open to new ideas and implements them wherever he can. This provides him with a unique musical direction and a style that no other artist can match.

Zay looks forward to continuing his musical journey and making more creative songs. He wants to grow as an artist, expanding his artistic boundaries and touring the world.

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Isaiah McKenzie, professionally known as Zay, is an American rapper and songwriter. His musical influences were magnified by the inspiration of greats like Eminem, Drake, and Lil Wayne, among others.

Zay’s music showcases his diversity along with his wittiness while creating songs that suck the listener into his world. His music isn’t meant for one group of people but was created to resonate with anyone that comes into contact with his sound.


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