Kingston Law Group celebrates 40 years

The Kingston Law Group is celebrating 40 years of service to people in the Princeton, NJ region and other parts of the state.

“Forty years. It is so hard for me to believe it’s been that long. When I started the Kingston Law Group, I just wanted to help people and give them the legal advice they needed to make the best possible decisions,” said Hanan M. Isaacs, founding partner of the law firm. “I had no idea back then what the future would hold.”

Over the years, Mr. Isaacs has risen to the top of the legal profession in the Garden State. Among his other accomplishments is that he’s a New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Matrimonial Specialist. Less than 300 New Jersey attorneys, out of 80,000, hold this certification. He has also served on numerous boards and committees, including two NJ Supreme Court committees.

Throughout the years he has seen many changes to New Jersey laws and the legal profession in general. For the Kingston Law Group, all this meant adapting to the times.

Now the firm focuses on litigation with a concentration in employment law, civil litigation, family law, and criminal defense.

In 2018, Mr. Isaacs formed a law partnership with Misty V. Avallone, Esq., a long-time associate of the firm, who focuses on matrimonial law practice. Misty first came to work here in 2007, 14 years ago, as a trial paralegal. She went to law school from 2008 to 2011, passed the NJ/PA bars, and started working here as a legal associate immediately after.

“We work hard to bring compassion and unrelenting advocacy to every case we take on. Misty and I believe every client deserves to be treated with respect and have the side of the story told,” he said. “No matter what issue you bring to us, if we take your case, we will back you completely.”

Over the years, the firm has litigated some ground-breaking and landmark cases.

To see the firm’s major cases and the decisions, please visit Significant Cases.

“I look back on all the cases we tried over the years and the body of law they helped create. I am humbled that our clients chose this firm to represent them. I am honored to be a part of changing New Jersey laws to make them better serve the people of this state,” Mr. Isaacs said.

With the addition of Ms. Avallone, the firm was able to expand its reach and client services. Mr. Isaacs said the decision to bring her into the practice ranks as one of his best.

“For me, to be able to work alongside Hanan every day and be able to tap his incredible experience is just amazing. I learn new things regularly and it all makes me a better attorney and better able to serve the people who come to me for help,” she said. “I look forward to expanding Kingston Law Group’s reputation for legal excellence.”

For more information about the firm, its areas of expertise or the two attorneys, visit Kingston Law Group.

About Kingston Law Group

In 1981, Hanan M. Isaacs created a Central Jersey law partnership with Robert A. Felmeister. The firm was known as Felmeister & Isaacs. From their newly minted law offices In East Windsor, Mercer County, these two young lawyers were hellbent on creating an immediate commercial following. They took an aggressive stance on their first amendment right to advertise their legal services, including on the radio, a right the New Jersey Supreme Court was slow to recognize and support. Their stance produced a 4-year tussle with the Supreme Court, resulting in multiple hearings in state and federal court and two changes to the Rules of Professional Conduct, including the current Rule permitting most forms of advertising.

In 1988, Felmeister departed the firm to start a different career, and Isaacs constructed a sole practice focusing on family and divorce (in which he is a Certified Family Law Practitioner), employment law for workers, personal injury, insurance bad faith, and general civil and criminal defense practice. He also is an expert in negotiations, mediation, and arbitration of cases, whether as a neutral or a lawyer representing a party in those venues.

From 1998 to 2018, Mr. Isaacs hired paralegals and law associates to handle the firm’s work. He taught dispute resolution at Seton Hall Law School and Rider University, taught lawyers and judges the art and craft of negotiations and mediation, served as a Mediation Trainer and lecturer for the NJ Institute of Continuing Legal Education and NJ Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM), published many articles on divorce, family law, and Alternative Dispute Resolution, and served in leadership roles at the State Bar Association, on Supreme Court Committees, and at NJAPM. He also served for many years on successive Zoning Boards of Adjustment (in Montgomery Township and Princeton), and on his Homeowners Association Board.

About Hanan M. Isaacs

Hanan M. Isaacs is a mediator, arbitrator, and trial lawyer who is dedicated to providing legal representation and ADR services to Central Jersey clients. He is a New Jersey Supreme Court Certified Family Law Specialist and a NJAPM Accredited Professional Mediator (APM) in general civil and divorce matters. Mr. Isaacs’s law practice focuses on family law, employment law, general civil and criminal law litigation, and ADR.

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