Digital Transformation Startup Cyferd Signs Contract with NHS Trust to Transform Mental Health Services

Digital Transformation Startup Cyferd Signs Contract with NHS Trust to Transform Mental Health Services

It’s no secret that NHS support services are often overburdened and struggle to keep up with increasing patient demand. The pandemic has exacerbated the backlog of mental health services, meaning that patients are waiting longer than ever to receive adequate mental health support. Some of the challenging statistics surrounding mental health offerings: 

– Nearly 1.5 million people were in contact with NHS mental health services in June 2021, which is the highest recorded number (RCPsych)

– NHS England estimates 1.6 million people are still waiting for mental health treatment (RCPsych

– Record numbers of children and young people are accessing NHS mental health services (Guardian)

These troubling statistics suggest the pandemic’s toll on mental health services within the NHS. According to research from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1 in 9 patients wait longer than 6 months between an initial mental health referral appointment and a follow-up appointment – and two-fifths of these patients end up calling emergency or crisis services due to mental health declined in the interim.

While the NHS has called for increased funding to address this backlog, a wider solution is needed to address the root cause of how patient data interconnects. Thankfully, Cyferd is up to the task with a promise to accelerate digital transformation for NHS mental health support services.

Despite being founded just earlier this year, Cyferd has signed a contract with NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria to aid in the quest for streamlining and consolidating mental health care.

The Cyferd platform allows users to create an interconnected ecosystem of business apps in the cloud without code; our progress with the trust means that we’re building a solution that will drastically improve clinicians’ ability to provide better care. By using the Cyferd platform to drive proactive digital interactions between healthcare providers and patients, clinicians can gather and review their patients’ data faster and from one central place. This allows them to predict and identify changes related to mental health even outside of a consultation.

The Cyferd platform will completely replace existing software solutions that struggle to keep up with the increasing demand for mental health support. It will equip healthcare providers with effective tools to help spot trends in patient wellbeing, allowing them to address patient needs faster than ever before.

Cyferd. One Platform. One Data Layer. Any Solution.

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