WISHDOIT Watches celebrating Columbus Day with Sale on New Pirate Collection

WISHDOIT is extending 20% sales on the latest Pirate watch collection in celebration of Columbus Day.

Denver, CO – October 08, 2021 – With Columbus Day round the corner, here’s some exciting news for watch connoisseurs. Boutique watchmaker WISHDOIT Watches has recently announced to celebrate the famous day with a sales offer on its newly launched innovative Pirate Watch Collection. The WISHDOIT Watches Columbus day sale will be offering a handy 20% discount on all the 5 Tonneau watches from the latest Pirate series. 

The Columbus Day Sale will start on October 8, 2021, and will run through October 11, 2021.  

While asked about the inspiration behind their upcoming sales, the founder of WISHDOIT Watches stressed on the fact that both the Pirate series and the Columbus Day share a common ethos- the passion for sailing.  

“We are excited to share with you all that we are soon to launch our Columbus Day Sale on our latest Pirate Tonneau watches come October. The great Columbus and our pirate heroes from history share a common passion for sailing- there could not be a more apt collection to celebrate the upcoming Columbus Day”, stated the founder of WISHDOIT Watches. 

The latest collection from WISHDOIT Watches, the Pirate collection is inspired by the culture of the iconic  Caribbean pirates during the 18th century- more precisely renowned as the “Golden Age” of the pirates. Interestingly, the Pirate-inspired timepieces have incorporated a bunch of pirate-specific design elements to create a more realistic feel. 

One of the most significant design elements of the pirate-inspired collection is the “Tonneau” shape of the watch dial. While regular Mechanical watches feature square or round dials, the Pirate series watches from WISHDOIT Watches comes with a barrel-shaped dial in memory of the wine barrels found on pirate ships.

The collection includes 5 kinds of pirate watches – Urca, Ocean Black Hole, Viking Tomahawk, Psychic Compass, and Joli Rouge. Each of the watches has a story behind it. 


The first watch of the Pirate collection, the Urca line derives its name from the iconic Urca de Lima, the legendary Spanish merchant ship that set out with treasures and royal jewels but unfortunately sank in the Caribbean Sea.  

Ocean  Black Hole 

This collection is named after the dreadful cosmic black hole generated inside the ocean that gobbles up any object that comes near it. 

Viking Tomahawk 

The Viking Tomahawk line has been named after the brave Viking pirates of the 8th century.  

Joli Rouge 

The name of the watch is inspired by the French word, “Joli Rouge” which means “bright red” in French. 

Psychic compass 

The Psychic Compass refers to the iconic magical compass received by Captain Jack Sparrow in the famous movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean”. 

“Our pirate watches will also be great for your Halloween party celebrations. You can don these pirate halloween watches in style to complement your pirate dresses in the upcoming Halloween parties.” 

For more information, please visit https://wishdoitwatches.com 

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