CREDIT Revize Launches New Credit Repair Website & Social Contest goes live with online credit repair services and social media contest ideal for members of the military and celebrity victims of credit hackers.

April 08, 2013, New York based CREDIT Revize Credit Repair Services revs up to arm Americans in the fight against credit report hacking and expensive errors that cost them millions each year.

With an array of information on how to fix your credit, including a free book as well as advanced credit restoration services for busy individuals wanting to improve their credit scores, the new online service out of NYC provides a full armory to those that have become victims of recent economic woes, predatory lenders and malicious hackers.

Even those seeking comprehensive, full service help to fix their credit record from top experts in the field can enjoy free access to premium assistance by entering the website’s new weekly Facebook contest.

According to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study earlier this year at least 5% of American consumers had errors affecting their credit scores that could cost them heavily on everything from auto loans to mortgages, renting apartments and credit cards. Fortunately the study also found that tangible improvements were achievable by those utilizing the types of credit restoration advice provided by in compliance with the Credit Report Organization Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The immense amount of errors out there and the fact that they can easily mean the difference of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional interest on a home loan alone, has many wondering whether some creditors may purposely file erroneous information to reap the huge financial rewards.

However, last month’s revelation of celebrity credit reports being hacked and published on the web brings even more concerns for consumers. All three major credit reporting agencies; TransUnion, Equifax and Experian admitted they were hacked, with Bloomberg News revealing Experian alone had been breached 86 times. This resulted in the credit reports of celebrities including Jay-Z, Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Michelle Obama, the director of the FBI and Paris Hilton, all being thrown up publicly on the internet.

Company Founder John Morel says “If these high profile individuals can become victims of hackers and personal inside auto dealers and banks so easily, so can anyone else” and “If you aren’t keeping an eye on your credit report you could be paying a lot more interest or being turned down based on misinformation, or even have your identity stolen”.

CREDIT Revize offers a range of free and professional credit repair solutions. Visitors to the website can take advantage of free information and download the hot new eBook “How to Fix My Credit, Everything You Need to Know to do it Yourself”. Another option is to have CREDIT Revize work with creditors and reporting agencies on your behalf to wipe out incorrect items and boost credit score.

The real beauty of the new platform is that it can all be done over the web, making it the perfect match for privacy conscious celebrities, busy professionals and even members of the military on active deployment.

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