Toe’s Town Announces Launch of Multi-Occasion Satirical Greeting Card Collection & Is Now Seeking Dealers To Expand Their Brand Globally

Toe’s Town Announces Launch of Multi-Occasion Satirical Greeting Card Collection & Is Now Seeking Dealers To Expand Their Brand Globally
As the world certainly needs more laughter, the release of this new fun greeting card collection couldn’t have come at a better time. Toe’s Town Greeting Cards uses satirical slapstick humor that provides an abundance of absurdities supplied by some very unusual characters, all who reside in the mythical setting of Toe’s Town.

Alberta, Canada – Oct 11th, 2021 – Toe’s Town has officially announced the launch of their new multi-occasion funny greeting card collection and are now accepting new dealer and representative applications. Their new satirical greeting card collection consists of 64 multi-occasion cards in the first series which are accompanied with a custom-made Toe’s Town uniquely branded turnstile merchandiser. The attractive turnstile point-of-sale makes it easy to display to the casual shopper browsing through greeting cards.

These are definitely not your average greeting cards. They are intelligently written, cleverly storyboarded and beautifully illustrated. The satirical characters and storylines make them appealing to everyone and any occasion. Tory Weber, the creator of the newly released comic strip style greeting cards was quoted as saying, “The world needs laughter…a real good belly laugh. I started this collection with laughter in mind, and I believe that I have succeeded with that, and my intentions are to make people happy when they receive a Toe’s Town greeting card.”

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Toe’s Town was quoted as saying, “We are anything but status quo at Toe’s Town, and have been very intentional in distancing our brand from how typical greeting card brands are presented and sold. You, and the people in your circle of influence are special and unique and deserve to be recognized as such. Giving a Toe’s Town card shines a light on the fact that you are anything but typical, you also understand that making someone laugh in today’s world can be more valuable than gold.”

Potential dealers or representatives that are interested in helping to expand and bring the Toe’s Town collection to life are encouraged to go to their website and fill out wholesaler form on the ‘Become a dealer page’ that can be found at Alternatively, Toe’s Town can contact Nelia Barber directly at

To learn more about Toe’s Town and their newly released collection of satirical multi-occasion greeting cards, visit their official website at

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