Icanic Brands Stock Is Higher By 46% Since August From Doing The Right Things At The Right Time In A Booming CBD Market (OTC: ICNAF)

Looking for a hot stock in a booming CBD sector? If so, your search can be over quickly by taking a look at Icanic Brands Companies, Inc. (OTC: ICNAF) (CNQ: ICAN.CN), an OTC company that is attracting substantial investor attention. In fact, since August alone, ICNAF stock, currently at $0.31, is higher by roughly 46%, and that’s at a time when the major averages have been getting crushed.

Still, it’s not a surprise to see Icanic Brands performing well, especially to those following emerging companies in the sector. For the past few quarters, they appear to have done everything right to enhance and build shareholder value. Acquisitions, brand extension agreements, and selling off non-core assets are just a few examples of how this micro-cap company is working to become a large-cap brand.

And its plan is in motion. Even better, that plan is helping Icanic to stay on track to create a robust portfolio of assets that can target what is expected to be a $70.6 billion market by 2028. How can they be a dominant player? By assembling the right strategic pieces to create a diversified company that can target multiple niche market opportunities in a sector that is growing at warp-speed.

The best news is that Icanic Brands is doing precisely that.

Evolution Of CBD, It’s Not The 1970’s Anymore

First, though, it’s essential to understand the evolution of the market. One thing is for sure, the CBD market today is a far cry from the recreational market of the 1960s and 1970s. What was an illicit drug then has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, with CBD used for everything from recreational use to treating physical and mental conditions. Thus, the disapproving looks from the days gone by are over, replaced by specialty stores and prescription-based dispensaries that provide top quality, CBD-based products, and nutraceuticals to a market that continues to get larger every year.

To put things simply, CBD is in. And people worldwide are turning to its numerous medical and therapeutic benefits over competing, often harmful, and addictive prescription drugs. The better news for Icanic investors is that they aren’t wasting any time taking advantage of the massive market opportunities in play. 

Moreover, they are taking “smart” advantage of its opportunities by building a foundation to grow efficiently and target additional verticals in a seamless and accretive manner. Too many times, emerging companies try to do much, too fast. Icanic is different. Their plan is measured, consistent, and specific to target specific niches in a multifaceted market. Hence, controlled growth could be its ticket to success.

They are getting help as well, with countries worldwide legalizing some form of CBD use. In the United States, 36 states have legalized the medical use of CBD, with some of that group legalizing both recreational and medical use. The result is with millions of people getting access to controlled distribution of CBD, it’s an inherent benefit to Icanic. 

In fact, with a consumer market that is growing by near double-digit percentages each year, Icanic is well-positioned to create a revenue-generating juggernaut and become a significant player in the states they serve. And if they continue to capitalize on the right opportunities at the right time, a position on the global stage isn’t out of the question, either. In short, things are looking really good for Icanic.

And the best part is that Icanic is ready and set to fully capitalize on and monetize the many opportunities it has put into its sights. And by developing its new assets and integrating them into its brand to generate additional revenue sources, Icanic will likely be quick to outgrow its $68 million market cap and fit into a valuation substantially higher.

Of course, that comes by making the right strategic moves. And, as noted, acquisitions and some non-core asset sales allow Icanic to accelerate its growth far quicker than many expected. The better news is, in some ways, they are just getting started.

Icanic Brands Wants To Be The Leader

An old ad campaign in the United States had a car company bragging it was number #2. The point was is that they “try” harder than the company in the number one spot. That’s not Icanic’s philosophy. They indeed want to be a market leader.

And as a multistate CBD branded products manufacturer and distributor in California and Nevada, they are in the right two places to start that mission toward the top. The better news is that despite being smack in the middle of two of the most competitive CBD markets, Icanic is thriving. Not surviving, THRIVING. 

And to those that follow the sector, they are likely impressed by that stat. Even better, Icanic’s success is purely intentional, reached by following an innovative development plan and an integrity-based organizational structure that makes its presence known and respected in the markets they serve.

Better still, having its presence embedded in these two states alone position Icanic to expand and extend its market reach to earn a substantial portion of the billions of dollars in potential revenues at stake. But, don’t think it’s a level playing field. Like all industries, some companies are simply better than others. As a result, they lead the pack.

And by leveraging its business model dedicated to innovative development and its commitment to providing safe CBD products for all, the likely result for Icanic will be that they lead their part of the sector. After all, its company culture goes well beyond just products and numbers. Icanic is showing itself to be involved in the communities it serves and participates in actions that bring attention to global inequities. Thus, Icanic is building a company based on culture. And for those in the business sector, it’s a winning formula nearly 100% of the time.

On the business side, numbers don’t lie. And Icanic’s are excellent.

Q3 Results Show Surging Growth

In its most recent quarterly report, Icanic recorded a gross profit of $1.556 million in its third quarter. This was a 30.6% increase quarter over quarter and a 100.2% increase YoY. While still an emerging company, the trajectory is impressive. Moreover, it proves that Icanic’s chosen path to success is working, and recent deals ensure that the trend continues.

And how could it not, with Icanics’ commitment to continue producing the crème de la crème of products. Its Ganja Gold pre-rolls alone are enough to take a sizable share of a niche in the sector. In addition, there is value in Icanic’s determination to use advanced manufacturing technologies, an aggressive downstream sales strategy, and well-established associations with some of the state’s suppliers of raw materials to make its brand more substantial each quarter. Combining the sum of its parts, it comes as no surprise that Icanic Brands is flourishing.

Nonetheless, Icanic’s greatness isn’t singularly based on its use of innovative products and its ability to produce award-winning products. Its strategic partnerships and acquisitions have greatly helped position the company for an expected growth spurt in 2022.

A Transformative Planned Acquisition of Substance LLC

As mentioned, Icanic is building its company around a culture. In that respect, they can only be as good as the team that represents them. The most excellent news- Icanic has superstars. 

And they are enhancing that image when they complete their acquisition of Substance, LLC. Last month, Icanic signed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire Substance LLC., a California-based supplier of quality CBD products. While that brand has established itself as a reliable supplier of quality CBD products, a more significant part of its company mission is its social activism work that has made them a trusted partner in its communities.

Now, that mission is inherent to Icanic, and there has been nothing but assurances that Icanic will amplify the Substance mission and bring attention to criminal penalties used to target people of color found in possession of CBD products. Committing to embrace this social call may not appear to drop to the bottom line, but it does. Icanic is developing a company to be the best from the top down.

Still, don’t think that Icanic is forgetting about its role to create and build shareholder value. If that’s the thought brought to mind by analyzing its strategy, the points being missed. Investors in Icanic win when the company expands its brand in multiple directions, allowing it to become a business invested in making money while also staying invested in people. So, for investors that like to invest in profitable, socially conscious companies that are in hyper-growth mode, Icanic is an excellent candidate. Better still, they keep making that proposition better.

A Wealth of Acquisitions and Partnerships

An important thing to note is that Substance LLC isn’t the only strategic acquisition making Icanic a more robust revenue-generating company. There’s a combination of things happening that add firepower to an already impressive asset portfolio.

For instance, its acquisition of De Krown, a California-based premium manufacturer of stellar CBD products, adds immediate value. That deal brings two things. First, it provides the ability to produce 118,000 rolls in a day. And second, it adds a wealth of expertise from a De Krown team that also showed determination in becoming the best they can be. The multifaceted strength from De Krown won’t go unnoticed, nor should it be undervalued. The addition of physical and intellectual assets will be a driving factor in expediting Icanic’s further success.

Indeed, building a brand in the industry can’t be complete without paying attention to the massive revenue-generating potential from the edibles market. That segment is a billion-dollar niche on its own, and Icanic indeed wants its share. 

To get it, they partnered with Heavenly Sweets, a company with 30 different CBD edible products under its belt. The partnership adds value in at least two ways. It expedites Heavenly Sweets’ growth in Nevada and helps expand Icanic’s reach with new products to serve a broader consumer base. Like all partnerships should be, it’s a win-win deal. Actually, since shareholders benefit as well, it’s a win-win-win agreement.

All the deals are not only excellent value drivers, but they are also accretive in nature. Moreover, Icanic’s acquisitions and partnerships are well-thought-out, made with a purpose, and based on the premise of bringing only the best to the company, its community, and its shareholders. Simply put, they are creating a brand, company, and team with a united vision to create value from a portfolio of brands that have near unlimited potential.

And, obviously, Icanic’s hard work is not going unnoticed. Investors are bidding shares higher, confident that the actions taken will be productive and ultimately drive bottom-line growth.

Taking Advantage In Early Stages Of A Booming Industry

Here’s the best part of the equation for those considering exposure to the sector through Icanic Brands. The industry, despite being popular for almost a decade, is still in its relative infancy. In fact, with the remaining 14 states either considering legalizing controlled use of CBD or full legalization, the United States can become a massive market opportunity for companies in the right place at the right time.

But it’s more than luck, too. A tremendous amount of know-how goes along with taking a company from start-up to competitor. And it’s having the team, culture, assets, and motivation to be a leader that puts Icanic Brands on the most wanted list. Moreover, in a sector that can be volatile, investing in companies that are disciplined and measured in their growth adds to the value proposition. Icanic Brands fits the bill.

Better yet, Icanic has proven itself as a company that has what it takes to flourish in an ultra-competitive market, growing through accretive acquisitions and partnerships that add quality assets and quality culture. Thus, investors in Icanic, especially those that stay connected to its story, can likely benefit from a socially conscious and financial perspective. Still, at the end of the day, Icanic’s experience, innovative technologies, aggressive sales plan, marketing approach, and strategic partnerships and acquisitions are what will drive revenues toward the bottom line.

And if that’s what it takes to achieve profitability, know this. Icanic Brands is well-armed to succeed.


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