IntegrateRNA Launched Comprehensive LncRNA Pull-down Services: Supporting the Validation of LncRNA Biology

IntegrateRNA announced the release of its comprehensive lncRNA pull-down services in order to support the validation of lncRNA biology and further application in clinical research.

New York, USA – October 12, 2021 – IntegrateRNA, a branch of Creative Biogene, has gradually become a leading provider of complete solutions for rna discovery and expression analysis, whose mission focuses on enabling researchers to explore potential treatments for high-impact diseases and promote the development of the RNA research field. Recently, IntegrateRNA announced the release of its comprehensive lncRNA pull-down services in order to support the validation of lncRNA biology and further application in clinical research.

Based on sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and experienced employees, IntegrateRNA provides a one-stop solution for lncRNA research, including lncRNA sequencing, microarray-based expression profiling, lncRNA qPCR, lncRNA knockout and lncRNA knockout. Comprehensive services will facilitate research projects and explore the potential clinical applications of lncRNA.

IntegrateRNA provides customers with comprehensive lncRNA pull-down services, from the initial experimental design to the final identification of interacting molecules. Through pull-down combined with LC-MS, high-throughput screening of interacting proteins of lncRNA can be conveniently carried out. IntegrateRNA uses LC-MS to identify the captured protein complexes, and then screens specific proteins that interact with the target lncRNA. IntegrateRNA has a wealth of RNA system expertise and application experience. Meanwhile, it provides efficient lncRNA pull-down design strategies to ensure the most effective efficiency. In addition, the unique technology platform can also ensure shorter turnaround times and lower prices.

In order to integrate rapid scientific progress and new data to promote lncRNA research, IntegrateRNA has developed lncRNA microarray services for humans, mice, and rats to provide the latest, more comprehensive and reliable lncRNA detection in biological science samples, covering from complete lncRNA array analysis service from RNA sample preparation to data analysis. As a biotechnology company with experienced scientists and advanced technology, IntegrateRNA has established a comprehensive and professional lncRNA chip platform, which is a practical long-term non-coding RNA analysis platform with high sensitivity and specificity for medical research. Through strict quality control and advanced bioinformatics analysis, the team can help customers obtain comprehensive lncRNA bioinformatics data and publication-quality graphics at one time.

LncRNAs are increasingly involved in genome imprinting, developmental regulation, and play a key role in a variety of human diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurological diseases. Experts at IntegrateRNA have examined thousands of different RNA data sets, helping researchers to gain unique insights into RNA research. IntegrateRNA uses next-generation sequencing technology and bioinformatics analysis to provide customers with one-stop lncRNA-seq service from RNA preparation to final comprehensive bioinformatics data analysis, and quickly advance the results required for biological and biomedical research.

“IntegrateRNA has experienced scientists and advanced technology and is committed to providing the most comprehensive and professional services for lncRNA sequencing and analysis. We can help customers obtain professional and comprehensive lncRNA services through strict quality control and advanced bioinformatics analysis,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “For any special requirements, we are capable to provide customized solutions to solve the problems encountered in the research process.”

About IntegrateRNA

IntegrateRNA, as the division of Creative Biogene that holds a leading position in providing complete solutions for RNA research, has years of experience in next-generation sequencing and develops microarray platforms that enable researchers to explore the world of RNA on an unprecedented scale, and mapping all RNAs involved in cell life programs, human diseases, and drug discovery.

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