Men’s Hairloss Questions Finally Answered At The New Hairloss Solutions Hub Online

It’s official. Men’s hair-related concerns are no longer relegated to the background. is the information hub for men dealing with all kinds of hair loss challenges, providing honest, accurate information on available solutions. is all about hair. But this time somebody is talking about a different gender from what we are used to. It is about men’s hair; or in this case, a lack of it.

Thinning and balding have always been associated with old age, but in recent years, younger men are dealing with hair loss such as progressive thinning and even balding.

It is a seemingly simple concept. Men having a full head of hair and suddenly realize there is less and less of it. However, the complexity of the issue lies in the psychological effects. Hair loss in men often begins to erode confidence and soon shakes the core of a man’s sense of manhood. Without these, a man becomes an anxious shadow of his former confident self. 

There are more than a few solutions available with the potential to restore a man’s confidence, but many still struggle to find solid, credible information. is a brainchild of Charles Travers, and aims to reach out to a growing number of men who struggle with men’s hair loss and know just how devastating a receding hairline can be. Many men around the world are familiar with the frustrations of blindly searching for solutions with little reliable information available anywhere. 

Dr. Max Pemberton, a psychiatrist and expert in Men’s health, often recommends that men struggling with hair loss see a clinical psychologist for a course of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to address their distress. is the go-to hub where men can find accurate information and make informed decisions on the best way forward to deal with their specific hair loss situation.  

According to Charles Travers, the founder of, “Society is yet to grasp just how distressing hair loss can be for men. It is still associated with a loss of masculinity and virility and often triggers deep-seated feelings of loss of control. The majority of men prefer not to speak openly about this ‘shameful’ experience. They endure mocking and ridiculing while those who take proactive steps to do something about it are mocked for being vain.”

“We want to be a complete ‘Hairloss Hub’ where men can find the information they need to guide them back to a confident, fulfilling life.” – adds Charles Travers, the founder of

There’s no better person to learn from than a man who has been through the emotional whirlwind of hair loss and come out strong. gives men a critical resource they never thought could be so valuable, until now – accurate, credible information. 

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