Highly effective 45 minute fat removal treatment now available at prestigious London practice.

Highly effective 45 minute fat removal treatment now available at prestigious London practice.

“Dr Mike is a renowned aesthetic medicine practitioner”
Dr. Mike Comins started Hans Place Aesthetic Practice in 1999 as a renowned aesthetic medicine practitioner.Dr. Mike Comins, the Medical Director of The Private Clinic Group and the President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, has always been at the forefront of his field.

Dr. Mike Comins is an aesthetic physician who does not do cosmetic surgery. His treatments are all walk-in/walk-out, requiring neither general anaesthesia or an overnight stay in the hospital.

What is VASER Lipo and how does it work?

VASER Liposuction is a procedure that employs focused ultrasonic technology to remove fat and contour your physique. The VASER treatment is strong enough to remove fat from bigger regions such as the belly, flanks, and thighs. VASER is also accurate enough to work in sensitive regions such as the neck.

The procedure

In a minor surgical theatre, the VASER Liposuction technique is performed. There is no need for a general anaesthetic or a hospital stay. As a result, Vaser is a one-day operation. It is typically a one-time therapy, depending on the individual.

The area to be sculpted or decreased is filled with a specific saline and local anaesthetic solution through small incisions prior to VASER Lipo therapy (3-6 mm).This numbs the area and causes the blood vessels to constrict (to minimise blood loss and reduce bruising).This solution also moistens and fills the treatment region, making it easier for the VASER Lipo System’s ultrasonic energy to break up fatty tissue.The VASER ultrasound is a tiny probe that uses sound energy to break up and emulsify fatty tissue on contact while leaving the rest of the body unharmed.

After your VASER procedure, you should be able to depart the facility in 30-45 minutes.

Are there any side effects?

Most patients have discomfort for 2-5 days around the VASER treatment region.Especially when moving. Painkillers can help with this, and we recommend that you take two to five days off work after the treatment. For the next 1-4 weeks, you may notice a dull aching in the background. Bruising is also a possibility. There will be some swelling, which will take some time to subside. Following our detailed aftercare instructions and suggestions will assist reduce swelling.

During your pre-treatment appointment, all common side effects and complications will be reviewed.

How much fat is removed?

The amount of fatty tissue that may be safely removed from the body in a single VASER Lipo session is limited. This is determined by your overall health, weight, and proportion of body fat. There is also a limit to how much Lidocaine (local anaesthetic) can be used safely in a single treatment session. Lidocaine poisoning is a significant problem that must be addressed immediately.

We usually recommend removing no more than 3.5-4 litres or 4-5 percent of your body weight in a single session. A second VASER Lipo treatment can be performed 1-6 weeks later if more fat needs to be eliminated if the procedure is limited by a maximum lidocaine dosage. Excessive and forceful fat removal can be harmful to your health, resulting in seromas, burns, contour defects, and unattractive outcomes that are nearly impossible to cure. Treatments necessitate knowledge and an understanding of the body’s reaction to such treatments, thus we believe it is preferable to have a touch-up treatment to optimise your results, rather than risk major health problems.

VASER Liposuction is not designed to help you lose weight. The goal is to get a leaner appearance. Although you may not notice a major weight loss, you should be happy with your new leaner shape.

To find out if VASER Lipo is suitable for you, visit Hans Place Practice and talk to Dr Mike.

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