Law Referral Connect’s Innovative Software, RocketLaw, Makes Running a Business Efficient

RocketLaw Software provides all-inclusive solutions to the challenges of launching, running, and growing a law firm.

Law Referral Connect’s new offering, RocketLaw Software, is the one-stop solution to business support. This software integrates multiple features in a single platform from ad analytics, scheduling reminders, full-featured CRM, SEO tools to workflow automation. Designed to streamline processes focusing on client satisfaction, RocketLaw provides everything businesses need in a single powerful software.

“RocketLaw Software will launch your business all under one roof,” says the team from Law Referral Connect. “It provides comprehensive workflows, AI that scales your operation exponentially, and quick reputation SEO tools that make it easier than ever to be found. Using RocketLaw Software gives you the freedom and balance to grow your business.”

RocketLaw automates workflow on high-value business processes. Within minutes, clients can create robust automation campaigns that span multiple channels. Its AI feature enables automatic response to incoming leads and clients and automatically distributes them between team members. It allows businesses to increase response rates, close more deals, fill pipelines, and improve client approval. The AI learning auto-responding comes with predefined documents and configurable responses. The multi-channel automated follow-up covers SMS, email, voicemail, calls, GMB, Facebook messenger, and website chat.

The software also enables automatic scheduling, easy-set reminders, and live call transfers. In case of missed calls, RocketLaw has a Call Textback feature that sends a message or an appointment booking schedule to clients. This minimizes missed sales opportunities and allows businesses to meet client expectations effortlessly. Businesses can also seamlessly integrate more than 2000 tools, including Zapier, CLIO, Google, and Facebook, with the software’s custom integration.

Additionally, RocketLaw makes it easy to gain multi-channel performance insights. Businesses can monitor campaigns and metrics and use the insights gained to accelerate growth and capture sales opportunities. Businesses can also monitor staff performance using the platform, enabling them to refine processes and improve performance. They can have unlimited team members in every plan.

RocketLaw comes with 24/7 chat support. Experienced staff is always available to answer any questions about the software. It also comes with a comprehensive library of training videos highlighting RocketLaw features and a step-by-step tutorial on using them for a specific objective.

To accommodate different business sizes and needs, RocketLaw comes in three plans – essential, professional, and rocket. Each contains carefully curated tools designed to drive agility and growth. RocketLaw is also available as a mobile app so users can manage their business and focus on servicing clients wherever they are.

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