Sansi Smart Pole System Drives the Movements Toward Smart Cities

With the continuous development and application of 5G communication, new energy technology, satellite technology and other technical advancement, ‘Building up a smart city’ has begun to take shape from a proposed concept. Besides the technical means made to facilitate human life, the infrastructure in the city also constantly innovates for the construction of the city, the smart poles are the typical ones among those.

Shanghai Sansi entered the field of intelligent smart pole in 2015. With our accumulation of  LED technologies in the industry, we still develop and manufacture on our own from every tiny part to the entire integrated system of the pole. We believe that being the carrier of information collection, information release and information transmission; the smart poles not only serves as the basic lighting facilities but also play a significant role as the exchange hub of information in the city. Based on this concept, Sansi self-developed smart pole system is designedequipped with ‘10+N’ features to meet the various requirements of different application scenarios.


Intelligent Transportation

The prevalence of private cars provides residents with more convenient travel; at the same time it exerts considerable pressure on urban traffic. Under such huge traffic, how to effectively and orderly regulate the traffic as to ensure the safety of pedestrians has become a major concern. SANSI smart street light system integrates parking instructions, traffic flow, vehicle monitoring, traffic guidance; transmitting ground traffic data to the command center for a fast analysis and processing to help the relevant department make a timely and reasonable control to greatly improve the smoothness and safety of the roads.

Sansi installed a multi-pole integration of lighting, monitoring and other functions for some traffic arteries in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. In this case, we integrated multiple basic components such as information communication pole, signal pole and telegraph pole into a single pole; effectively solving the space occupation problem of these light poles. The smart pole system optimizes and improves the functions of the road network in the surrounding areas, playing a major role in the traffic system in Nantong.

Intelligent Community

Another typical application scenario of SANSI smart street lights is residential community. The residential area has been transformed into a public facility integrating leisure, entertainment, education and social interaction expansion. A classic application of smart poles in the residential area is Hangzhou Hubin road. According to the local culture and charms, Sansi integrated intelligent lighting, information release, public broadcasting, WIFI, security monitoring and other functions into one single pole, which provides functions including real-time temperature/humidity monitoring, broadcast, risk warning, emergency service, etc.

The application of smart poles has a significant effect on the overall improvement of the city’s smart management level. Sansi is committed to building the Hubin District of Hangzhou into a fashionable, smart and humanistic community to improve the image of the city.

Carrier for 5G Communication

Due to the advantages of wide coverage and even distribution of these smart poles, more and more urban construction organizations make them as the carrier of their 5G base stations in such an era of rapid development of communication technology

Upon the arrival of the coming Winter Olympics, smart poles with 5G base stations become one of the focal points of the smart city construction in Zhangjiakou where some of the events of the Olympics will take place. The poles provided by Sansi for this project integrates WIFI hotspots, wireless networks, environmental detection and other functions to provide citizens and the government with a variety of convenient services, which is regarded as the synonym of the smart city.


The trend of building smart cities is on the increase as to meet the acceleration of modernization,  

smart poles being an integral part of the building process, its significance will stand out more and more in terms of their practicality and multiple functions. Sansi will continue its endeavor in LED technology innovation and advancement to design, update and upgrade its smart pole products for more and more coming smart city construction projects for better modern and smart cities.

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