Create the perfect empire with “City Builder Billionaire Lifestyle”

With various structures and hidden money boxes, this mobile application can now be downloaded from the Google Play store.

October 15th, 2021 – City Builder Billionaire Lifestyle provides a platform where players can cultivate their creativity. This game allows players to build their city and collect money from houses to expand their empire further. It enables users with different structures and layouts that can be used to create a unique town. There are exciting bonuses hidden within the city to help players progress faster. 

It is an ideal opportunity for people that love to showcase their creativity. While having fun, players can use this game to unwind after a long day at work. The controls are easy to use, and there are no extensive tutorials that have to be followed. Players can show their creativity to bring their imagination to life in this game. It offers the perfect mix of an engaging and casual experience.

As players invest in more real estate, they are awarded excellent opportunities to double their money by completing specific tasks. Furthermore, the efficiency of the empire can be boosted by hiring managers in the game. City Builder Billionaire Lifestyle aims to provide a captivating yet casual experience where players can relax.

To download this game from the Google Play store, use this link

About “Ravianand Singh”

Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Ravianand Singh is a 42-year-old developer with over two decades of experience in the tech industry. He is passionate about creating applications that users can enjoy. Over the years, Mr. Singh has made many applications ranging from exciting adventures to classic Solitaire. 

With his latest application, “City Builder Billionaire Lifestyle,” he aims to help players alleviate their stress. For more information on this acclaimed developer, visit

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