Wellness Expert and Bestselling Author Releases Unorthodox Book to Help Women Live Lighter

Wellness Expert and Bestselling Author Releases Unorthodox Book to Help Women Live Lighter
Obesity is the most serious epidemic of our time, and in its grip are millions of women who are losing hope that they will ever shed the unwanted weight that has held them back for so long. To come to their aid and to create a higher level of consciousness in humanity regarding how we care for ourselves and those around us, Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin has released Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight.

STONE MOUNTAIN, GA – October 15, 2021 – In Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight, bestselling author and wellness expert, Dr. Jada, offers holistic advice that will help women lose the baggage that has weighed down their lives, discover how emotional eating feeds their battle, and confront the real problems with their weight struggle. Not overlooking the spiritual aspect, Dr. Jada details how passions and gifts can enhance one’s efforts to drop the pounds and the baggage that goes with it, once and for all.

“My goal is to make sure your entire life is set up to not only maintain but sustain the weight loss and enjoy a happy and fulfilling life. Come with me as we learn how to think thinner and live lighter,” says Dr. Jada.

Through the topics covered in Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight, Dr. Jada delightfully lightens this sometimes heavy issue with real stories, useful tips, and relatable examples that will leave readers touched, moved, and inspired. Full of sage wisdom and beneficial action steps, this provocative and insightful book will transform lives and guide women toward mental fitness, unemotional eating, self-support, tough love, and the reward of physical weight loss.

Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight gives readers, no matter where they are in their health journey, the support and motivation to push beyond any excuse, obstacle, or barrier. “Don’t miss your chance to contribute to humanity because you are out of shape and in poor health in your mind, body, or spirit.”

Dr. Jada Moore-Ruffin is a nationally recognized weight loss specialist and well-known wellness expert board-certified in family and obesity medicine, a certified integrative nutrition and abundance coach, and a successful entrepreneur with an award-winning weight loss center in Atlanta, Georgia. With a passion for weight loss, total wellness, and abundant living, Dr. Jada inspires people to engineer their own happiness, live full out, and create a healthy legacy.

Published by Publish Your Gift, Girl, Get Ready to Lose the Damn Weight is now available for purchase at www.girlgetreadybook.com.

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