Driving Record Background Checks and Ongoing Monitoring Play an Important Role in Safety

Unsafe drivers are bad for business and a risk to other motorists but determining who is too risky to put behind the wheel isn’t simple. CredentialCheck explains why every company should not only screen the drivers they employ but also monitor them on an ongoing basis.

When a driver is on the clock, their performance impacts the company they represent. If an auto accident occurs, it can impair the company’s reputation and cost them significantly in fines and legal damages. Putting the right drivers behind the wheel not only protects the business but other motorists and pedestrians as well.

DOT-regulated businesses are required to perform pre-employment driving record background checks, and annual motor vehicle report (MVR) reviews for active drivers. However, these reviews are the bare minimum that a company should do to protect itself and others. Businesses should enroll their driver in an ongoing MVR monitoring program to minimize risk.

An MVR program continuously monitors employees’ driving records. Whenever new information is detected, the employer receives an updated report to review. The new information that is reported can include the following and more:

Traffic Violations

Driving-Related Arrests


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Medical Certificate Downgrades

CDL Expiration

Having up-to-date information is crucial for protecting a company’s integrity and preventing unwanted risk. Under an MVR program, employers may act right away rather than not learning about potential issues until an annual review.

Investing in ongoing monitoring in addition to thorough pre-employment checks is the smart choice for any business with a fleet. Even companies with only a few drivers will find it beneficial.

Call (888) 689-2000 to learn more about CredentialCheck’s driving record background checks for employers. Details about their many screening services are also available online. The company is based in Troy, MI, and serves businesses and organizations nationwide.

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