A Review of Awakening Starseeds Vol. 1, Shattering Illusions

Awakening Starseeds, Shattering Illusions, Vol. 1 is a rich weaving of voices from across the world who have one thing in common: the uncomfortable awakening process. One can see from the title Awakening Starseeds: Shattering Illusions Vol.1, for it shall be briefly delineated below. One of the authors, Lyn Pacificar, a Filipina American who lives in Los Angeles writes so profoundly: 

“The Native Spirits of this land are my ancestors. I hear the deep sound of drums in my blood. Their ceremonial cries around the fires, calling forth their animal totems. Thousands of years ago, they arrived, crossing into unknown territories of treacherous topographies, led by chief and shaman. Tribes intermingling, creating new rituals, and shifting the tides of time. They traveled and saw me through their dreams, knowing they would be remembered and honored one day. Remnants of symbols, incantations, stories, and lost languages.

The ancestors were lied to and betrayed. Their love, kindness, and compassion crushed like bones after cremation. The tongues of the women were removed, so they could not speak the truth. Their long hair was cut and used for power and pleasure by the ones who claimed Enlightenment. Children were made as slaves, and their men castrated or killed. Thrown into a river, washing away the memories of their existence. The land was covered with trees, pregnant with gold, sacred property, impregnated with the seeds of fear, anger, pain, loss.

Centuries later, I reach up to the skies and catch their ashes enfolded in my hands. I hold it against my chest. Welcome home back to my heart, a proper burial in my being. Stronger than I ever was before. I carry your spirits to sing your songs; to perform your rituals; to bring forth the lands you once roamed upon. You will stand whole once again. I will give good medicine to all your descendants. I will wipe the tears, blood, and bruises away to remember you with my lips speaking the incantations, restoring the land, your people.Heal the land. Healing creates connections between this realm and the realm of Spirit, gathering the ancestors to support the work from the other side. 

The Dark One does not belong here and is no longer needed. The entities that have been present and caused harm are not allowed to do so anymore. The time is now to go and do the work for the next coming changes. Great earth changes and challenges humanity. Healing is necessary and not an option. Believing is not a luxury. The Spirit realm is in preparation. Do what you must do to continue to succeed and make life as sustainable as you can. Don’t hold onto things, and don’t hold your breath. Nothing will harm you nor your family. You are safe to do your work. The information you need and the resources you seek will be provided for you in exchange for your services to humanity and our Earth planet. Others are waiting for your signal and the word to be sent through your ancestors. The realms communicate on different wavelengths & channels. Specific and clear. They need to be opened. Some are closed and have not been opened in over eons since the time of your great ancestors when the ritual was the place to speak to us. Angels. Angelic and Cosmic Beings. Receive this energy. Receive this wisdom. Truth is not always in the light. Truth is also in the dark.” 

The writing, as stated above, bears a poignant relationship with the overall theme and context of the book at hand, which comes at the courtesy of Radhaa Publishing House:

  • Exploring the awakening process.

  • Reclaiming pieces of our Soul.

  • Finding healing in coming together.

Delving further, the book’s length has just under three hundred pages and has been further divided into nineteen chapters to construe the book’s essence. One can easily get much clarity from the cover page itself where the role of Starseeds. Each of the chapters has been authored by individuals who come from all walks of life. The book’s roots can be traced from the fact that the present book has been inspired by the book Galactic Goddess: Ascending Beyond Duality. A Chapter of the book, briefly titled “Remembering my purpose,” features the accounts of Radhaa Nilia as she lays forth riveting accounts of the meeting with a mysterious woman from the cosmos who comes to give her a life-changing message. As the chapters progress, one can find a persisting pattern that includes compelling stories revolving around life-changing experiences that nudge us to look beyond the mundane.

Radhaa shares, “Part of remembering is also to understand how we are in this together. We are indeed a family of light, and our voices are united in this book. We may all have different experiences, but somehow, we can weave them all together for a higher purpose. No one has all the pieces of this puzzle, but all do have a part to contribute. And as we build camaraderie and find relatedness in our experiences rather than our differences, we can truly embody the new human we are becoming. We are here to remind each other, through each story is an Activation. Let us come together worldwide, proclaiming our sovereignty, finding our voices, and standing for freedom.”The collective storytelling depicting everyday lives and how these spiritual experiences disrupt the ordinary and give us glimpses into something far more extraordinary resonates deeply. This literary work is a must-read, and further volumes, including Volume 2 which was recently published.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/UdVpIZmNsWg

The series continues with Awakening Starseeds Volume 3: Dreaming into the Future is coming out in 2022, which is open for contributing writers. Overall, this is a must-read book and very eye-opening to anyone going through shifts at this time. You will soon realize you are not alone on this journey. Find a copy at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Amazon, Target, Powell Books, or get a signed copy at www.RadhaaPublishingHouse.com

Book Review by Grace Jackson 

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