Brian aims to help entrepreneurs start, grow and expand their dream business by providing the right tools and funding resources

October 18, 2021 – Brian is a successful business coach and credit funding expert with over 13 years of experience in the industry and is well known for helping ambitious entrepreneurs start, grow and expand their dream business by providing the right tools and funding resources.

I genuinely believe that this is my purpose in this world; to empower others with the knowledge and courage to achieve their goals through business ownership. I’ve helped thousands of people start, grow and expand their businesses by implementing a step-by-step strategy that provides them with all of the necessary tools and funding resources needed to accelerate their entrepreneurial goals,” said Brian Macleans Otieno.

Brian loves helping entrepreneurs navigate and solve the complexity of starting their dream business.  Brian prides himself in being a coach ordained by the highest power to help others execute their dreams and ambitions through their business.

Brian is committed to giving all business owners honest, accurate, and dependable answers to their questions about any aspect of your personal or business finances. In addition, Brian will be shedding light on how to access a personal credit score & building business credit especially for business owners who borrow money the wrong way and are confused about that aspect of their finances

The knowledge he will be sharing will help business owners secure $50k to $100k in funding for their business. Brian believes that business owners can live the life of their dreams, get off the endless, self-defeating, and pointless rat race they are currently in and take charge of their future through business ownership.

Thousands of businesses have failed and there are thousands more that didn’t start because people couldn’t find the capital, or they did not have proper execution and did not receive the correct advice to open and maintain their business which Brian has been equipped to bridge the gap.

Brian is set to help business owners and entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for their business, allowing them to put firepower behind their ambition and ideas so you can ditch their grueling 9-5 job, gain financial security and take control of the future.

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