This Australian “Below the belt” trimmer is taking the Malaysian market by storm

Nateskin is an Australian company founded in Melbourne by co-founders Nate, Jared and Rebecca, specializing in manufacturing premium-quality trimmers for men.

According to a survey conducted by Jamanetwork on 7,600 adults, 26% of participants have been hurt while grooming, 61% of injuries were categorized as a cut; 23% were registered as burns, followed by 12% as rashes.

Manscaping may be simple for experts, but many teens and young adults are faced with challenges on the first several attempts. Nateskin, an Australian brand, has developed a simple, efficient solution in the form of a waterproof trimmer that was specifically designed for men’s grooming.

Nateskin technologies set the brand’s products apart from quality shavers. The NateSafe™ technology coupled with anti-nick blades eliminates the risk of cutting and burning, making the experience much smoother and safer:

“Nateskin empowers men to groom their manhood with confidence, without fear of any cuts or snags. Nateskin is nuts about research and development, and its NateSafe technology with anti-nick ceramic blades and micro-trimming teeth helped revive Nate’s self-esteem, and he is now shaving like a seasoned swordsman.”

A Nateskin trimmer is designed to allow inexperienced people to shave pubes like professionals. The trimmer boasts 6,000 cutting strokes per minute, making it perfectly suitable for even the most robust hairs.

The blades of Nateskin trimmers are replaceable and remarkably sturdy; a combination that ensures that Nateskin products can last lifetimes.

The brand has also published an educational ‘How to Use’ manual on their official website, providing valuable instructions regarding the basic principles of men’s self-care, grooming, and shaving. The post also features multiple shaving and trimming methods suited for both inept and experienced shavers.

Nateskin wishes to empower men across all four corners of the world to shave with confidence, and the brand’s trimmer is the perfect tool to achieve it.

More information about Nateskin can be found on the brand’s official website.

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