No Dates Required – The Beginning by Carol Harrington Brice

No Dates Required - The Beginning by Carol Harrington Brice

Many novels on the shelf have a thick plot with intriguing climaxes, but you have to hold your breath till the last moment to enjoy the surprise. On the other hand, few novels make you smile at every dialogue and make you nod in agreement with every introspection of the protagonist. The novel ‘No Dates Required – The Beginning’ by Carol Harrington-Brice is one of those novels.

Carol Harrington-Brice is a 59-year-old paraplegic grandmother who has dared to publish her first novel at this age and physical state. The fire in her heart has fuelled her story and has given her characters the strength to fight with the most dreadful situations with a calm face.

The novel is set in Fillet Crescent – a street where Fillets have been living for generations. Mary Fillet gets interested in one of the unrelated Fillet brothers in her neighbourhood. The whole family is named with the letter ‘F’ as Mrs. Francis Fillet seems obsessed with the letter. She had named her adopted sons all with the letter ‘F’. Mary’s marriage was not lasting as the husband dies within a short time. What happens next is a transformation of the story from the tragedies of deaths of not one but four of the brothers, who one by one gets married to Mary and death does them apart.

While Mary tries her luck to find love and a living husband through dating sites, her mother-in-law becomes even more certain that she is the cause of the deaths of her children.

However unlikely, there is still hope for the possibility of a friendship between Mary and Mrs. Francis, but will the curse let things get better? Get your copy to find out.

No Dates Required’ is self-published by Carol Harrington-Brice.

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