Takeshi Sugimori Teaches Youth How to Draw Anime

Takeshi Sugimori is a Japanese artist and author who was born in Osaka, Japan. He has released multiple books, helping children learn how to draw Japanese manga and anime.

Japanese manga and anime content has had a tremendous impact on the modern world. Aside from providing fresh and unique flavors in the film and cartoon industries, manga and anime have also educated global viewers about Japanese culture and traditions.

As featured in the ‘Cultural Significance of Manga and Anime’ by David Charles, “Academics and critics have connected anime and manga to various aspects of Japan including motherhood, architecture, social life and customs, gender, popular culture, history, and religion.”

Takeshi Sugimori, a Japanese artist and author, wanted to help the world’s youngest anime fans learn more about the artistic, practical side of how their favorite characters came to life.

Takeshi has released several anime and manga-themed books, including Just A Girl who Loves Anime Sketch Book, How to Draw Manga, Creepy Kawaii, and how to Draw Anime for kids.

After graduating from the university in Okinawa, Takeshi moved to Tokyo, where he honed his artistic talents.

His How to Draw Anime has been warmly received by hundreds of fans. The book’s current Amazon rating is 4.7 based on 138 ratings. Dozens of customers have shared their experiences on numerous reputable platforms, praising the book’s well-roundedness and approachability. Bathurst Muir, a verified Amazon customer, had stated:

“My kind of book! This book allows you to dive right in and get to work. The way my dad used to teach me as a kid when was fixing the car and hand me the wrench. Learn by doing is what this book stresses. Get your pencils and erasers ready! It’s go time with this book! I highly recommend it.”

The book contains detailed illustrations of each step regarding how to draw anime characters, as well as recommendations in terms of starting gear:

“Art supplies are the biggest concern for many pursuing artists. One could even think that choosing the right tools leads to excellent artwork. But this is not how it works. Buying the right guitar will not make you play as well as Jimi Hendrix does. What matters here is the mindset of the person holding the pencil itself.”

Takeshi encourages the readers to explore their creativity and artistic spirits. How to Draw Anime, just like all Takeshi’s manuals and instructional books, is meant to help the readers grow as artists.

Takeshi has dedicated the How to Draw Anime book to his wife Ayano, and his children Haruko and Setsuko. How to Draw Anime was published on Amazon on the 2nd of March 2021; its print length is 105 pages, and it’s available in the English language. More information about Takeshi Sugimori and his books can be found on his official website.

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