From Freelance Development to IT Infrastructure Development – A Glance At Darshankumar Joshi’s Extraordinary Life Journey

From Freelance Development to IT Infrastructure Development - A Glance At Darshankumar Joshi’s Extraordinary Life Journey

Darshankumar Joshi, who now plans to contribute to IT Infrastructure in Dubai first began his career as a freelance developer back then. Now, recognized as one of India’s topmost art directors, character game designers, and owner of Graymatter International INC, the successful entrepreneur has not been free from the usual common man struggles.

“I am thankful I was hopeful and persistent with the smallest efforts I made. These made my main ingredients for overcoming my biggest failures in life. And also one of the biggest catalysts that aided me in achieving inevitable success today.”, says Darshankumar Joshi, the man who dreamed big but worked arduously to achieve his dream.

Darshankumar Joshi has completed many promising projects to date. Some of his latest and most intellectual project accomplishments include AI/ML and blockchain-based apps virtual reality experiences. He has also completed several phenomenal projects in the 3D character designing and art direction field.

From character designing for games like “The Last of Us” and “Death Stranding” to art direction for globally acclaimed films like “Army of Dead”, “Invisible Man”, and “Spiral”. His immense contributions in art direction, character game designing, business solutions, and IT infrastructure development are applaud-worthy.

“Scoring well in academics was never a big deal for me. But I realized the value of a practical mindset over a theoretical one at a very young age”, shares the aggressive business opportunist. “So, after completing my graduation in business computing from Greenwich University in 2010, I returned to my home country with some grandeur business opportunities in mind”, he further adds.

Darshankumar Joshi registered his new-gen business, GraymatterOnline LLP in the month of May 2017. His company empowers corporations across the globe with the most innovative business solutions. The smooth and successful operations of GraymatterOnline LLP motivated Darshankumar Joshi to go a step further. So, he got his company incorporated in the United States with the new name Graymatter International INC in 2020. Through his company, he efficiently manages around 200+ staff of employees distributed internationally.

The high-tech entrepreneur has faced many challenges in his life. Some of the health issues that he has been overburdened with are autism and some other concerning psychological issues. He has been a victim of school as well as college bullying during his younger years. However, his strength and willpower did not let the physical and mental stress in his life take the best of him. 

Over the years, Darshankumar Joshi has come to be known as more of an achiever. At present, he has some big plans on the way. The ever-growing opportunities in the field of IT infrastructure and development in Dubai have persuaded him to take another step on his ladder of success. He currently plans to settle down in Dubai and explore the world of riches awaiting him.

To get in touch with Darshankumar Joshi, you can use his social media handle username “darshjme” on Instagram and Clubhouse.

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