New Sizzling Hot Presale Launch of “The Devil Plays for Keeps!” By Alicia

Texas – October 18, 2021 – “The Devil Plays for Keeps” will launch on October 28, 2021.

Lamar and Janice met in church and started dating. After accepting an invitation to visit Lamar’s family home, Janice discovers something wonderful but concerning. When Janice leaves her family, church, and career, to be with her husband, she finds that her new life isn’t what she thought it would be. Five members of the Chisolm family pull up a chair to play cards with the devil when Janice and another family member make a decision that exposes shocking family secrets. Will this tight knit family be able to forgive? Who will get to keep it all once the devil displays its hand?

According to Alicia 

“This is my first full fiction novel, based around a Christian couple who fall in love, get married then lose their way. The repercussions cause a domino effect that cause shocking and damaging secrets to be revealed. The family must decide if they will allow the devil to play for keeps or pick up a better hand to win the family back. It is not just for Christians, as a matter of fact, many Christians may object to the story. I told someone the synopsis of my novel.”

She said, “That’s disgusting!” It was exactly the response I wanted to hear.

Buy The Devil Plays for Keeps at best presale price of .99 until October 28, 2021

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