Taisoca Portable Outdoor Titanium Stove Lives on Kickstarter

Compact, foldable, and portable titanium-made cooking and heating stove offers increased convenience and comfort for camping and outdoor activities

Taisoca Portable Outdoor Titanium Stove, an eco-friendly, foldable, and lightweight double-layered stove specifically designed for outdoor adventurers, has been launched on Kickstarter, at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1534595655/taisoca-portable-outdoor-titanium-stove?ref=ebi240.

The stove’s double-layered design allows users to cook and grill anything more efficiently. Its large capacity for firewood, its ability to work with other fuel types, and its increased air intake design make the stove’s burning capacity stronger and more efficient. The device’s first layer can also be used as a heater, equipped with a chimney that ensures that users can cook inside the tent or heat the tent’s atmosphere without inhaling toxic fumes.

“Outdoors enthusiasts have built this stove to fellow outdoor lovers,” said CEO of Taisoca, also noting that the company spent years developing the technology and functional design of the now launched stove. Taisoca Portable Outdoor Titanium Stove leverages the power of titanium to be completely heat-efficient and fire-resistant. Its thermal conductivity is better than any other metal, and it doesn’t burn or melt in any outdoor usage circumstance, being long-lasting in ways that iron and aluminum stoves can’t be.

The metal also makes the stove an eco-friendly device since it is more efficient in producing and conducting heat. It is also lighter and less dense, requiring less titanium volume to create more efficient results when compared to heavy and thick structures built with other metals. In addition to that, titanium doesn’t rust, it is very durable, and it is also recyclable.

The stove comes with a transparent glass lid that lets users see how their cooking is doing, along with a built-in thermometer that helps prevent food from being overcooked. Starting the fire is easy, given that wood is the primary fuel for this stove, which will be typically used around forests, where firewood is widely available.

One of its most appealing features is its weight. Its 100% lightweight titanium structure weighs only 5kg, making Taisoca Portable Outdoor Titanium Stove very easy to carry. The foldable design and the fact that the stove can be seamlessly assembled and disassembled in only 5 minutes are also features that are expected to entice outdoor enthusiasts on Kickstarter.

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