Floyd Griffin’s book “Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime” embraces all phases of life, provides practical tips on how individuals can reach their full potential

Floyd Griffin releases an impressive book that’s chocked full of wisdom and common sense, diving deep into all four quarters of the life of an African American in the U.S.

Author Floyd L. Griffin’s latest book “Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime,” a masterpiece created specifically with the African American community in mind, is now available in leading digital bookstores worldwide.

In the book, the author separates the life span into quarters: 1st Quarter (0-17 years), 2nd Quarter (18-35 years), 3rd Quarter (36-52 years), 4th Quarter (53-70 years), and Overtime (70+ years). 

The book examines the periods of development associated with the human life span with a brief overview of the social, emotional, congenital, perceptual, and moral development specific to each life stage.

It also includes cutting-edge commentary from experts in the field of psychology, public health, education, religion, gerontology, and the healing arts. Each chapter/quarter contains African American proverbs, cultural maxims, quotes, stories, and words of wisdom from black achievers, along with biblical scripture that will strengthen people’s faith and belief and help interpret and experience lives in a vastly different way.

At different times in his life, Floyd L. Griffin, Jr. has been a cadet, Vietnam Helicopter Pilot, Army Colonel, football coach, professor, businessman, state senator, mayor, and author. 

Throughout his life of change and challenges, Floyd Griffin has always been dedicated to public service. He is presently residing in Milledgeville, Georgia. In February this year, a part of a street and plaza was named after him.

Griffin is the former co-owner of Slater’s Funeral Home, Inc. in Milledgeville, Georgia. He serves on the Board of Visitors at Georgia College and State University, Milledgeville, Georgia, and sits as the Chairman of the Baldwin Charter System Foundation of Excellent. 

Griffin was inducted into the Winston-Salem State University’s “Big-House Graines” Athletic Hall of Fame and Tuskegee University’s ROTC Hall of Fame. His oral history video is included as a permanent record of the History Makers Collection at the Library of Congress. The Floyd L. Griffin, Jr. papers are held by the Ina Dillard Russell Library Special Collections at Georgia College and State University. Griffin is currently featured in the W.J Usery Jr. Special Collections Leadership Gallery at the Heritage Hall Museum at Georgia College and State University. 

In 1994, Griffin did what political experts said was impossible. He literally stormed onto the political scene and defeated an incumbent Georgia State Senator. The victory made griffin the First African American in modern times to be elected in a rural legislative district containing majority-white voters.

In 2000, Griffin continued to do what political experts said was impossible by becoming the first African American mayor of the Old Capitol City of Milledgeville, Georgia. He is married to Nathalie Huffman Griffin. 

Griffin is now running as a Democrat for Secretary of State in Georgia to continue the fight against oppression and racism. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “Life: Four Quarters Plus Overtime.” can purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository. Readers can also visit the author’s campaign website at www.floydforgeorgia.com.

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