Raleigh Residents Learn About Common Autumn Pests

Autumn is many North Carolinians’ favorite season. It brings not just a welcome reprieve from the summer heat but also beautiful foliage, tasty crops, and the promise of pumpkin pies to come. The problem is that autumn also comes with its own set of characteristic pest problems.

Raleigh residents are smart. They know that prevention is the best cure, and they’re committed to providing their properties with the maintenance required to keep them pest-free throughout the year. As the temperatures start to drop, it’s time for the city’s many proud homeowners to re-familiarize themselves with the area’s most common autumn pests.

Stinging Pests

Bees, wasps, and hornets tend to start buzzing at extra speed once autumn hits. Like most animals, they’re hard at work preparing for winter. 

If that work is taking place close to a homeowner’s house, the best thing to do is to relocate the colony now instead of waiting until spring. Bees and other stinging pests are very beneficial to local ecosystems, so they shouldn’t be killed, but they do belong in peoples yards just not in homes, unless they propose a threat to someone’s safety. 


Cockroaches often prepare for winter by moving indoors as the weather starts to cool. The best approach to dealing with roaches is to take preventative action before they infest a home.  Preventative measures for cockroaches would also include keeping gutters clean and trimming back vegetation touching the home.  Eliminate sources of food and water by keeping the kitchen clean and fixing any plumbing leaks. Declutter the home to get rid of hiding spaces, and take the time to fill any potential entry points now. If roaches appear despite all of a homeowner’s best efforts, the best option is to visit https://sustainablepest.com/ for professional help.


Most fall beetles, such as ladybugs and ground beetles, are beneficial garden insects that help to control populations of other pests. However, they shouldn’t be gathering inside the home. Check the warm south- and west-facing sides of the house for gaps and cracks and seal them now to prevent beetles from getting in.

Mice and Rats

Mice, rats, and other rodents can harbor potentially dangerous diseases. If they find their way into residential homes, these pests can also make a huge mess. When it comes to rats they may be coming from the inside out, not just outside in.  They breed quickly, so homeowners who aren’t careful often end up with full-blown rodent infestations on their hands.

The best way to prevent a rodent infestation is to stop those first mice or rats from getting in. Seal every gap or opening in the home’s exterior, and make sure the outdoor vents are covered. Mice, especially, can gain entry to a home through holes as small as 3cm in diameter.  


Most spiders in North Carolina are pretty harmless. They eat other insects, helping to keep pest populations around the home a little lower. If many spiders move into the house seeking warmth, though, it’s still wise to call a pest control expert.

Get Help With Pest Problems

No matter what type of pests Raleigh homeowners are dealing with, they can trust the experts at Sustainable Pest Systems to help. This award-winning business offers full-service pest management, humane wildlife removal, and more.

Visit https://sustainablepest.com/contact/ or call (919) 752-5291 to reach a pest control expert today.

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