Catdi Printing Printing Brings Digital And Print Advertising To New Businesses

Houston, TX – Catdi Printing Printing, the Houston area printing company, is celebrating 17 years in business by expanding into Dallas and San Antonio—new markets welcoming one of the top print and internet marketing services Houston locals have come to rely on.

Among marketing and printing companies in Houston, Catdi Printing Printing notably embraces the strengths of both print and digital advertising. While some industry experts predicted the demise of print mailers and traditional hardcopy advertising, Catdi Printing increasingly shows how direct mail marketing continues to generate sales leads and offer its own advantages alongside digital outreach.

Catdi Printing has worked with elite Fortune 100 companies and championed both prestigious national brands alongside local mom and pop shops. Their philosophy remains the same: to ensure that businesses of every size receive equally exceptional treatment.

Rather than attempt to convert its entire business model to digital communication, Catdi Printing Printing recognized how mailers and collateral print material now represent a novelty that often seizes consumer attention more readily than ever before. In a world that now conditions individuals to click past video commercials, scroll away from ad banners, and tune out a range of online marketing tactics — paper advertising has regained its power. Catdi Printing knows that even if someone receives a piece of advertising and decides to walk it to the trash, they are still holding it in their hand, taking in its contents, and registering the impression it leaves. 

Owner Carlos deSantos credits this as the reason for his company’s slow but consistent expansion. “We aren’t going to break any speed records in terms of growth but we are growing where it counts.”

The company has made a name for itself over the years through its sleekly designed print marketing and direct mail campaigns. Catdi Printing now pairs these services with advanced web design and digital work that gives business clients a unified way to express themselves in all mediums. The team emphasizes, “We do it all!”

Clients continue to enjoy personalized consultation when setting goals for individual campaigns. For Texas direct mail and digital design, Catdi Printing provides a full range of templates representing every kind of standard mailer or digital ad that a client might desire. The Catdi Printing team then takes these templates and crafts fully customized logos, graphic design, and ad copy that results in a consistent look and feel for the brand wherever it appears.

As a provider of 24/7 on-demand printing fulfillment, Catdi Printing keeps businesses’ content and marketing materials circulating around the clock. The company has now expanded its direct mail marketing services, including its program for Every Door Direct Mail, into cities like Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.

Additionally, the company is revamping its marketing efforts by creating new pricing calculators that will help it supersede larger chains and competitors. Businesses interested in working with Catdi Printing can receive a free introductory consultation at one of their offices and can get in touch by calling 713-882-4629 or sending a message through the website at

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