Rich Insights into the Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Market, Epidemiology Segmentation, Treatment Landscape, Pipeline Therapies and Major Players in the Industry

Rich Insights into the Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Market, Epidemiology Segmentation, Treatment Landscape, Pipeline Therapies and Major Players in the Industry

“Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Market”
The increasing incidence and awareness of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers and the launch of upcoming therapies such as ON101, Galnobax, and others will fuel the forthcoming Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer market during the study period (2018–30).

DelveInsight’s Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer market report offers comprehensive coverage of the current treatment practices, pipeline therapies, and market share of the individual drug, recent and forecasted Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer market size from 2018 to 2030 in the 7MM.

Key Highlights from the Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Market Report

  • According to Nussbaum et al. (2018), a rough prevalence rate for chronic nonhealing wounds in developed countries is 12% of the general population.

  • According to Martinengo et al. (2018), chronic wounds of mixed etiologies had a pooled prevalence of 2.21/1,000 population, while chronic leg ulcers prevalence was 1.51/1,000 population.

  • Key players involved in the Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer market include ViroMed BioPharma,  Novalead Pharma, Oneness Biotech, MediWound, Tissue Tech, Amniox Medical, Energenesis Biomedical,  SerenaGroup, TauTona Group, PolarityTE, and others.

  • Key Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer pipeline therapies include ON101, Galnobax, Engensis, TTAX01, EscharEx, SkinTE, and others.

  • Engensis (VM202) (ViroMed BioPharma) is a novel genomic cDNA hybrid human hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) gene with a proprietary coding sequence (HGF-X7) that expresses two isoforms required for optimal therapeutic benefits. Currently, it is in Phase III Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer clinical trials.

  • Galnobax (Novalead Pharma) is a topical gel used to treat chronic wounds that are not healing. The drug is a generic drug molecule that has been repurposed.

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Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer: Overview

Chronic Ulcers/Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers (CCUs) are wounds that do not heal in a timely and orderly manner, impeding anatomic and functional integrity production. This can also be rephrased as “an interruption in the continuity of the body’s tissue that takes a long time to heal, does not heal, or recurs.”

Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Epidemiology Segmentation

The Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer report proffers epidemiological analysis for the study period 2018-30 in the 7MM segmented into:

  • Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Prevalence

  • Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Diagnosed Prevalence

  • Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Type-Specific Cases

  • Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Treatable Cases

Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Therapeutics Market

The Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer therapeutics market is dominated by Medical devices, hydrogels, off-label antibacterial drugs, and NSAIDs. Furthermore, disease-specific approaches, such as moisture-retentive dressings, bioengineered dressings, adjunctive topical therapies to promote healing, debridement, negative pressure Therapies (NPWT), and Hyperbaric oxygen Therapies, are used in the prevention and treatment of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers.

Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Market

The increasing incidence and awareness of  Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers and the launch of the upcoming therapies such as ON101, Galnobax, Engensis, and others will fuel the forthcoming Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer market during the forecast period (2021–2030).

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Chronic Cutaneous Ulcer Pipeline Therapies and Key Companies 

  • ON101: Oneness Biotech

  • Galnobax: NovaLead Pharma

  • Engensis: ViroMed BioPharma

  • TTAX01: Tissue  Tech/Amniox Medical

  • EscharEx: MediWound

  • SkinTE: PolarityTE

Table of Contents


Key Insights


Executive Summary of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers: Market Overview at a Glance


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers: Disease Background and Overview


Epidemiology of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers


Case reports of Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers


Patient Journey


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers United States Epidemiology


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers EU5 Epidemiology


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Japan Epidemiology


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Treatment Algorithm, Current Treatment, and Medical Practices


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Marketed Products


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Emerging Therapies


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers: Seven Major Market Analysis


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers United States: Market Outlook


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers EU-5 Countries: Market Outlook


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Japan Market Outlook


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Unmet Needs


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Market Drivers


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Market Barriers


KOL Views


SWOT Analysis


Chronic Cutaneous Ulcers Market Access and Reimbursement




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