Life’s Little Accidents is no little accident by Michael Peloso

Michael Peloso’s latest album ‘Life’s Little Accidents’ is the latest offering from this intriguing artist. Raised in Newark, NJ Michael started drawing influences from the likes of REO Speedwagon, influencing him to study music, and finding his passion in life.

‘Life’s Little Accidents’ is now the product of a combination of Michael’s experiences and influences all rolled into one culmination. Exploring a wide range of life’s challenges, he explores many relatable and touching subjects.

Being a stage 4 cancer survivor Michael definitely has earned the way to express his feelings and experiences in a way not familiar to most.

The album starts with Nite Run feat. Nelly’s Echo, which is an upbeat pop rock dance track. The track is a great introduction to the album, and it expresses positive and hopeful vibes.

Slowing things down a little, Maybe Someday feat. Marisa Frantz is a more sombre number about loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship and loss of oneself. It’s a gentle ballad featuring gentle and impressive female vocals.

Make a Wish feat. Vicu picks things up a bit with a typical boy meets girl song that explores all the feelings that comes with gaining trust, hesitancy, and proving that person is the one. The vocals compliment each other great, and it seems to fit well within the album.

Falling Up feat. Art Auré is another impressive track featuring vocals from Art Auré. Influences from this song is drawn from the book “Falling Upward” by Richard Rohr. It’s another interesting subject matter about how life’s challenges and obstacles actually contribute to an upward direction (Falling Upwards).

The title track Life’s Little Accidents feat. Erik Fredriksen explores a more deeper subject about the mystery of life. It explains how we are connected together, the kinship of all living things, and how life & creation is no accident.

The album continues with Rear View feat. Natalie Jean, No You, No Me feat. Erik Fredriksen & Juliet Lyons, Shed My Skin feat. Juliet Lyons, What You Do feat. Nathan Nasby, Fly Away feat. Marisa Frantz. All challenging a mix of subjects from breakup, love and feelings.

Probably the most poignant and touching song from the album is Shed My Skin. It deals with Michael’s battle with stage 4 colon cancer & issues with epilepsy. About the song Michael explained: “It was a battle that I faced & I was determined to face it & beat it. The cancer was eating me up inside. I didn’t feel well. It was a difficult time. It wasn’t easy & I just wanted to shed myself of all of the sickness & just get back to living & seeing all the great things in life. Being the person I was & I knew life would get better”.

Life’s Little Accidents is a roller-coaster of feelings and subject matters which will no doubt touch and relate to most. In addition, the album also features an impressive range of vocalists and musicians which adds extra value to the final result.This is Michael’s debut solo effort, after writing and producing for others for many years, this is the first time he fronts a project.

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