Discusses How To Save On Pallet Shipping Rates Discusses How To Save On Pallet Shipping Rates

Businesses control overhead costs by identifying opportunities for savings. If they produce their own products, they need a cost-effective way to ship the products to retailers. By reviewing factors that relate to shipping costs, business owners find better solutions for more affordable shipping services. 

Try Less Than Truckload Shipping Options

Less-than-a-truckload shipping options decrease the total of the shipment for the company. The shipping options allow the business to set up a shipment at a discounted rate. They will pay for the small portion of the truck that they use, and other companies can get discounts, too. It’s a great solution for companies that ship pallets throughout the country according to 

Set Up Shipments on Low-Traffic Days

Low-traffic days are better choices for businesses that need to ship pallets more frequently. Low-traffic days present a discounted rate since the transport services won’t spend as much time on the road. The transport service will decrease the shipping rates on these days, and this could allow business owners to ship more products at once. Business owners can read “Pallets: The Hidden Linchpin of the Supply Chain,” to find out more about savings opportunities on shipping rates. 

Avoid Pyramid-Shaped Shipments

Shipping rates are calculated by cubic space, and pallets that have an odd shape such as a pyramid increases the shipping costs for the business. According to studies, if the business prevents odd-shaped pallet shipments, they could decrease the total cost of shipping items on transport trucks. If the pallets create an odd shape, the company pays for a full container slot instead of just a small portion.  

Make Packaging Designs Easier to Ship and Store in Warehouses

Logistics workers create package designs that are easier to ship and store in warehouses. The designs should fit within the trucks and warehouses properly. By creating square shapes, the packages fit with other shipments easily and won’t leave gaps in between the spaces. Everything fits evenly and occupies all spaces within the warehouse or transport vehicle. Business owners can discover here how package designs affect shipment costs. 

Extend Delivery Window

An extended delivery window gives the shipping services more time to complete the shipment. This could decrease the total cost of the shipment and help businesses save money. When planning their routes, the shipping companies need time to create their shipments based on location. The company may have certain days where they send shipments to specific geographical areas. 

By giving the company an extended delivery window, they can plan out their shipments more effectively and won’t spend more money shipping packages to the same location twice in one delivery cycle. Business owners can learn more about extended delivery windows by contacting a shipping company such as CSA Transportation now. 

Business owners ship pallets out to get more products to retailers to sell their products to consumers. Pallets allow them to ship a larger quantity of products at once more securely. By reviewing factors that increase shipping costs, businesses can save more and spend less.

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