Explains How to Stay Safe When Buying a BMW E30 for Sale Online Explains How to Stay Safe When Buying a BMW E30 for Sale Online

Individuals have more choices than ever before when they wish to buy a car. The internet provides them with information on different makes and models, reviews, vehicle history reports, and more. Thanks to these resources, buying a car has never been easier, and they may even choose to purchase the car online. 

However, men and women must watch out for scams. Unscrupulous individuals use the internet to try and con people out of their hard-earned money. People can check here to see how they do it. While it is convenient to purchase a car online, drivers must know what to look for to ensure they are getting a fair deal and the car they believe they purchased. What are some common scams to watch out for when buying a car online? 

Too Good to Be True

If a vehicle appears too good to be true, chances are it is. For instance, a person isn’t going to sell this year’s Lamborghini for the same amount a person would pay for a brand-new Honda Civic. Scammers often put cars like this on the internet, according to, and ask the buyer to wire them money. Once they receive the funds, they promise they will ship the car to the buyer.

Many times, the seller claims to be located in another country and the buyer never hears from them again once they send the money. The buyer is out of luck at this point because the seller cannot be found. For this reason, when buyers see something like “At $23,000 Will This S52-Transplanted 1987 BMW E30 Convertible Win Our Hearts?“, they need to question whether it is legitimate. It could be, but it falls on the buyer to ensure they are dealing with a real person with this particular car to sell. 


Sellers must be wary much like buyers when offering a car online. A potential buyer might send funds to cover the cost of purchasing the car and include an overpayment. When the check is cashed, the seller is asked to wire the excess back to the buyer. The check, however, is fraudulent and the seller ends up responsible for covering the amount that they wired to the prospective buyer. Always question any overpayment when buying or selling items online. 


When buying or selling a car online, a person might want to know more about using an escrow account. Unfortunately, this type of account doesn’t protect a person from a fraudulent transaction. The escrow account may be fake. As with the too-good-to-be-true scam, buyers must watch out for fake escrow accounts. Furthermore, only purchase from a reputable site, such as AmericanListed, to reduce the risk of falling victim to a scam. 

To avoid issues, ensure the funds have cleared the bank before allowing the vehicle to exchange hands. Never assume having the funds available means the check has cleared. This process may take days or weeks to complete. Don’t wire money to another party when buying or selling a car. Always try to meet with them face-to-face to prevent issues. If something feels off, walk away from the transaction. It’s simply not worth the risk as one could fall victim to a scam and end up without a car or the money to purchase one. This is the last thing any buyer or seller wants.

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