Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews – Diane Hope’s Trending New Manifestation Secrets Exposed

Reading this Goddess Manifestation Secrets review can benefit women to explore a path to discover their true selves, especially those who are weak and feel powerless. The familial duties and the benchmarks given by society are such a burden for women to make them forget about themselves and their inner powers. Besides, the typical patriarchal society always keeps her within the shackles and renounces her from living her life to the fullest. 

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews – How Does This Manifestation Technique Successfully Work For Women?

As such, women need the right guidance to empower themselves not to fight back but to develop self-worth and dominance instead. If so, Goddess Manifestation Secrets has been receiving quite many positive Goddess Manifestation Secrets reviews from women belonging to different spheres of life.

So, most women including the frequent visitors of this column are curious about the secret behind the program. Hence, it became the motif to write this Goddess manifestation secrets review as well. 

Therefore, without wasting any more time, let’s dig into the details of the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program.


Program Name Goddess Manifestation Secrets
Creator Diane Hope
Language English
Category Manifestation
Main Benefits Helps women to discover their true selves and achieve power, abundance, and peace
Special Features 7-day Goddess Prayers audio track
Specification 7 audio tracks + 4 free bonus
Available Format Audio Program, e-books
Duration 7 days (20 minutes each day)
Price $47.00
Money-Back Guarantee 365 days
Official Website Click Here

What is Goddess Manifestation Secrets?

Goddess Manifestation Secrets is a digital manifestation program that is exclusively designed for women. It helps any woman to awaken the inner goddesses hidden inside her and leads her to an abundance of wealth, power, peace, and prosperity. The program lets the user be aware of their feminine divinity and the feminine wound inside them. This way the user can have the right idea about the self and create respect and love towards herself.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets is a seven-day program with simple audio meditation prayers combined with sound healing frequencies. Besides, it is bound to seven different goddesses that people worship in different parts of the world. So, the program is included with prayers related to these goddesses, which the user needs to listen to continuously for seven days. 


Creator of Goddess Manifestation Secrets – Diane Hope

The Goddess Manifestation Secrets program is created by Diane Hope. She discovered the secret prayers of the seven goddesses from her godmother Diana. Everything included in the program is the outcome of Diana’s travels across the world, by which she discovered the secret prayers connected to the goddesses in different mythologies and cultures.

These prayers are included with powerful frequencies that can awaken the feminine divinity in every woman when listened to them. Diana handed everything she had recorded in her journal to Diane, who compiled everything in it to the currently available form of the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program. 

Click Here To Download The Goddess Manifestation Secrets Program From The Official Website

How does Goddess Manifestation Secrets Audio Program work?

According to the official website, the Goddess Manifestation Secrets Program works by creating a positive outlook of the user within herself. Goddess Manifestation Secrets program is included with 7 different prayers, and the user needs to stick with it for 7 days.

Each day, the user can listen to each of the pirates which would last 20 minutes. Since the prayers and sound waves included in the program can connect the user with the unique divine DNA, those can help the user to discover the feminine divinity hidden within the self.

So, once these seven days are completed, there would be a notable difference in the user’s personality, as she can be equipped with all the power, confidence, and self-esteem. At the same time, she develops love and compassion towards others too. 

With the help of these powerful soundwaves, the user will realize the feminine wound by which each female soul struggles all life, including herself. However, my teeth program is capable of healing this wound and enabling the user to manifest a life that she truly deserves, with all the abundance of wealth, peace, prosperity, power, etc.

Besides, the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program can awaken the inner goddess which remains under the wraps within the user, so that the user can acquire a dominant and valuable quality of her personality.

What is included in the Goddess Manifestation Secrets Guide?

As it is mentioned in all Goddess Manifestation Secrets reviews, the guide is included with 7 audio prayers, and each of them is of 20 minutes. These audios are in the precise order so that they can work in the right way. To use them most effectively, the user needs to follow certain instructions and need to listen to each of the audios continuously for up to 7 days. 

  • Day 1: Welcome Your Power

Based on the Goddess Athena of “determination” and “action”, this audio acts as a wake-up call to empower the feminine divine within the user. It is infused with the 714 Hz frequency and it can feed the part of the user’s soul that requires empowerment. With this, the user can feel the beginning of a powerful momentum to take determined action towards infinite growth. 

  • Day 2: Fly and Be Free

Centered around Artemis, the Goddess of freedom, nature, and liberation, this prayer is included with 852 Hz frequency. It helps the user to open up the heart to receive divine liberation and release the feeling of being stuck, stagnant, and confined. Besides, it can open up the heart to receive divine liberation, so that the user gets empowered to identify her innate goals and direction while dissolving her attachment to society’s expectations. With this, they can also have powerful freedom to be the divine self which is embedded in her unique DNA. 

  • Day 3: Unleash the Self Love.

This audio is connected to Quan Yin, the goddess of unconditional love and forgiveness, and made with 639 Hz frequency. It can dismiss self-judgment, and self-loathing and develops a deep appreciative love and acceptance of self instead. It is the major audio that can address the feminine wound.

  • Day 4: Awaken Abundance

It is connected to the goddess of abundance, joy, wealth, and beauty, i.e., Lakshmi, and included with the unique harmonic frequency of 60 Hz. This is the frequency of the electromagnetic echos which bounce between the surface of the earth and ionosphere, and also the frequency of the earth’s natural abundance and bounty. With this prayer, the user can unlock the natural state of abundance and express the feminine divine in her DNA. Besides, it can help her to realize that she truly deserves financial soundness, as well as joy and beauty.

  • Day 5: Divine Light

Paired with 174 Hz frequency, this prayer is devoted to Sophia, the goddess of divine mystical light. This can help the user to clear away the years of self-doubt on her inherent wisdom as a divine soul. Besides, this helps her to reconnect with her divine feminine wisdom. 

  • Day 6: Unbridled Passion

It is linked to the Goddess Aphrodite, with a frequency of 528 Hz. The prayer can help to rejuvenate the user’s cells, and repair damaged DNA. Besides, it can reduce the harmful effects of cortisol, the stress hormone. The prayer can help the user to powerfully connect with her pure and righteous sensitivity. 

  • Day 7: Fearless Wisdom

Associated with Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and wisdom, this audio file is of 384 Hz frequency. It can work to clear attachments to judgment from others, giving the user total freedom to express herself blissfully. 


Goddess Manifestation Secrets Benefits

Having a clear idea about the benefits or positive impacts which the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program can bring is important. It will help the user to determine if it is worthy of their time and money.

So here are the benefits which the Goddess Manifestation Secrets guide promises to bring if the user sticks with listening to it for 7 days as mentioned.

  • Enhanced self-love and self-esteem
  • Realization of self capabilities
  • Removal of barriers in opportunities
  • The true manifestation of abundant wealth, health, power, freedom, and peace
  • Dominance over the self
  • Boosted confidence and energy levels
  • Perfect relationships with the spouse and children, as well as others
  • Increased love and compassion towards the self and others

How soon can the results be expected?

It is hard to detect a specified time for the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program to work for all. But, most of its users suggested that the results started to appear right after seven days, which is the time required to follow the program and listen to all of the audios included.

So, on average, the Goddess Manifestation Secrets audio track will take 1-2 weeks to show its positive impacts on the user’s life.

Pros & Cons of Goddess Manifestation Secrets Audio Track


  • Easy to follow
  • Instant access
  • Time-saving 
  • 365 days money-back guarantee
  • It doesn’t include any boring lectures


  • It is only available on the official websites
  • Individual results may vary

Is the Goddess Manifestation Secrets Program legit or not?

The users of Goddess Manifestation Secrets testify that they could achieve positive results after they stick with listening to the audios for a week. The sound frequencies included in these audios are also proven to bring impressive impacts on the user and her personality.

Apart from these, the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory results, and all these suggest the legitimacy of the program. 

Click Here To Download The Goddess Manifestation Secrets Program From The Official Website (365 Days Money Back Guarantee)

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Customer Reviews & Complaints

Honestly speaking, both positive and negative Goddess Manifestation Secrets customer reviews have appeared so far. But the majority suggested it worked to bring significant life changes, and it is so different when compared to the traditional manifestation techniques as well.

At the same time, there were a few unhappy customers, who couldn’t achieve the results as they were promised. Those customers turned out to have failed to follow the program correctly or expected instant results. Otherwise, no major complaints were given by any of the customers. 


Goddess Manifestation Secrets Pricing & where to buy them?

As per the official websites, the price of the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program is $47.00, including the 7 audio tracks and all the bonuses as well. Once the purchase is done, the user will be given immediate access to the program.

According to the Goddess Manifestation Secrets reviews, the program is also backed with a 100% money-back guarantee within 365 days so that the user can have a full refund if it couldn’t bring any significant results. 

The users also need to keep in mind that the Goddess Manifestation Secrets audio tracks are exclusively available on the official website, but there can be fake copies available in various sources like eCommerce websites or Amazon. So, the user needs to make sure that it is brought through the genuine page.

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Bonuses

Apart from the 7 audio tracks, every purchase of the Goddess Manifestation Secrets program is included with 4 free bonus gifts. 

  • #1 Invincible Goddess Warrior (Value $27)

It’s an audio track which the user can listen to empower the inner goddess warrior in her, to fight for value and love for the self and gain it. 

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Bonus-Invincible Goddess Warrior

  • #2 Goddess Gratitude Journal (Value $27)

It can lead the user to recognize and celebrate the emergence of the feminine divine. Besides, it will enhance the user to celebrate little wins in life and expand the momentum of future abundance. 

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Bonus-Goddess Gratitude Journal

  • #3 Perfect Life Projection Manifesto (Value $27)

It helps to master the ways to protect and guide the user’s heart against haters, naysayers, and doubters. 

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Bonus-Goddess Gratitude Journal

  • #4 Goddess Manifestation Secrets Handbook ( Value $29)

This can give detailed ideas of each of the goddesses, their characteristics, beliefs, and attitudes. By embracing them, the user can have a greater vision of who they want to become. 

Goddess Manifestation Secrets Bonus-Goddess Manifestation Secrets Handbook

Final Verdict – Goddess Manifestation Secrets Reviews

On the whole, the Goddess Manifestation Secrets seems to be a working program that can help women to discover their true selves and achieve power, abundance, and peace. It is exclusively created for women, which unleashes the feminine divine hidden in every female body. 

Since women are under the shackles of the patriarchal notions of femininity, programs like Goddess Manifestation Secrets can guide them to realize their strength and values. Si that woman herself becomes the true authority of her soul. There are also thousands of women out there who could express their true selves and achieve the life they desire after correctly following the program. 

The program is an output of scientifically researched knowledge that is gathered around the world. As already said in Goddess Manifestation Secrets reviews, the program is included with a 365-day money-back guarantee, so that the user can get a full refund if it didn’t bring any satisfactory changes in her life. This makes the program even riskless to try as the user will not use anything after choosing it.


  • What if the program will not work?

That is not likely to happen. But if the user is not satisfied with the program, she can make use of its 365 days money-back guarantee. This way it becomes a 100% risk-free purchase too. 

  • Why should women try this program?

Correctly following the program will assist any woman to discover the feminine DNA and awaken the feminine power so that she can have her dream life of abundance and potent feminine energy. This way she can also achieve strength, vibrancy, and radiated beauty as well. 

  • Does it include any boring manifestation practices?

No. The program provides prayers that include mesmerizing sounds that can transform the user to be a better personality with awareness of the self capabilities and worth, and this will take only 20 minutes every day. 

  • How to follow the Goddess Manifestation program? 

The user needs to spend only 20 minutes a day up to a week to follow the program, and she only needs to listen to these goddess prayers with a pair of headphones. 

  • Can this program be bought from Amazon?

No. The original version of the program is only available on the official website. 

Click Here To Download The Goddess Manifestation Secrets Program From The Official Website (365 Days Money Back Guarantee)

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