WIMI Hologram Announces the Establishment of ‘Holographic Metaverse Division’ to Develop Metaverse Holographic Underlying Technology

In 2021, the concept of the Metaverse is very hot and continues to heat up the tech and venture capital circles. A number of science and technology leading and venture capital institutions, earlier to see the development of the Metaverse, has seized the next Internet era. Roblox, with its gaming platform enabling users to create their own virtual worlds and experiences, is credited with exploring the closest business model to a “Metaverse” by creating an ecosystem of 7 million game developers and paying customers. And then the tech giants got involved, and all of a sudden, the Metaverse was pushed to a top. It is considered the future of the Internet and computing.  


Canadian Nextech AR Solutions will acquire ARway in an all-stock deal valued at about US $1 million. Nextech says acquiring ARway will help it develop its space mapping platform, which is a key element in building the Metaverse.  

VR platform Ready Player Me teamed up with RTFKT to launch Metaverse fashion. Ready Player Me said: “We teamed up with RTKFT, a popular Metaverse brand to create new collectible accessories with a shared vision.” Then the RTFKT co-founder industry responded: “Wearing RTFKT in the Metaverse is an identity symbol. I hope that RTFKT fashion will appear in a more Metaverse platform and working with Ready Player Me is a win-win situation.”

Facebook, Epic Games, Nvidia, WiMi Hologram and others have all embarked on the path of arranging elements related to the Metaverse. Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, wants to make the popular video game Fortnite a key part of Metaverse, using Metaverse game as a priority to help the public understand how the Metaverse will work in the future. In addition, Nvidia is exploring Metaverse applications in industrial scenarios, remote collaboration and other scenarios, giving people a glimpse of the potential of related technologies in the future. As one of the promoters of the innovative technology industry, Facebook’s actions in the industry are often highly concerned by the industry.

In June, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg revealed new plans about the Metaverse. In the future, Facebook will change its model of developing standalone social applications and hardware and start developing a continuous, large-scale series of experiences, like those described in science fiction. Facebook is about to embark on a new journey from being a social platform to a Metaverse platform. Facebook’s Metaverse will expand its original business to social, office, entertainment and more, Zuckerberg said.  Facebook has always been a long-term goal for AR/VR. Since acquiring Oculus in 2014, the company has been the most watched “trend guide” in the industry, and its trends often have important impacts on the industry. The Metaverse is a new direction for Facebook doubling investment.


It seems that neither social apps nor hardware makers seem to want to miss the Metaverse.

As a leading provider of holographic AR application technology, WiMi Hologram announced the establishment of the “Holographic Metaverse Division” to develop the underlying Metaverse holographic technology and to explore the “next generation Internet”.

There are not many specific growth statistics on the Metaverse, but the data statistics VR market is worth US $17.25 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach US $184.66 billion by 2026 and a compound annual growth rate of 48.7% over the forecast period from 2021 to 2026.

With the development of AR, VR, MR and enhanced 5G continuity, the virtual world is accurately projected into the physical world, but also into deeper perception. AR can overlay and stack digital information into physical environments, while VR makes you feel the digital world to life. In fact, AR and VR are perfect technological approaches. With the rapid refresh of 5G network, they are like two keys that jointly open the door of the Metaverse with the help of external forces. It will shape different aspects of our lives, transforming many industries and creating new businesses. Therefore, more and more high-quality holographic companies are laying out it and are likely to flourish in the coming years.  

Coupled with objective factors, the shift from face-to-face networking to online life has inspired enthusiasm for participation in this virtual world. The Metaverse reflects the human exploration of the nature of things and the origin of the universe, as well as the WiMi Hologram pursuit of the idealized world. The essence of Metaverse is an open virtual world, which requires serving many users through high coverage and high network quality under the support of software and hardware conditions, so as to ensure the basic operation of the virtual world and content production. WiMi Hologram announced the establishment of the “Holographic Metaverse Division” to develop the underlying Hardware and software R&D and further expand the scene application of holographic technology in the Metaverse.

1. In terms of Metaverse software technology, WIMI Hologram embedded holographic AR content into virtual applications based on imaging detection and recognition technology, template matching and detection technology, video processing and recognition technology, holographic 3D layer replacement technology in imaging recognition and dynamic fusion processing technology in imaging tracking. WIMI Hologram’s holographic AR content and holographic imaging services based on image detection, recognition, template matching, dynamic image fusion and replacement will generate commercial value in Metaverse commercial applications.

2. In terms of Metaverse holographic applications, WIMI Hologram has a comprehensive holographic IP equity content library, and virtual holographic content covers from 3D models to holographic virtual products. WIMI Hologram owns a total of 4,654 holographic virtual IP rights that can be used in WIMI Hologram’s holographic AR products and solutions, covering a wide range of categories, including holographic anime, virtual live streaming, virtual idol and virtual social. WIMI Hologram’s virtual assets will generate business value in Metaverse.

3. In terms of Metaverse holographic hardware, WIMI has launched its holographic XR head-mounted display product “WIMI Hologram SoftLight”, which has been licensed by FFC and approved to enter the US market. This accelerated iteration in image color management, interfacing devices, and the feel of the wearing experience will lay the groundwork for WIMI in the Metaverse headsets market.

WiMi Hologram believes that the commercial use of the Metaverse will become more and more influential in the future, and will provide AR Metaverse services for museums, theme parks, stadiums, university campuses and other places. There is no doubt that Metaverse services are a key step towards universal mapping, and although the concept of Metaverse services is still being explored today, it will be indispensable in the future. WiMi Hologram’s Metaverse service products will enable people to experience the diverse Metaverse and make them a part of their daily life. WiMi Hologram’ single kit will unlock spatial computing and holographic super lenses. It is said that WiMi Hologram has been developing indoor virtual classrooms and vehicle-mounted AR navigation experience through its holographic college platform for a long time, and has cooperated with a number of developers to build an ecosystem, and has begun to gradually promote the use in a number of areas.  

After six years of development, WIMI Hologram has become a leading holographic platform. At present, WIMI Hologram has established sophisticated systems to develop holographic AR technologies, produce and store holographic AR content, and commercialize AR-based holographic services and products. As of December 31, 2020, WIMI owned 195 registered patents covering technologies for image processing and display, model input or output, and 3D modeling, 325 registered software copyrights, and over 4,600pieces of ready-to-use AR holographic content that is of the highest quality and an industry-leading grade of simulation. The Company’s revenues for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020, were RMB 766.0 million (US $117.4 million), representing an increase of approximately 140.0% and it launched its semiconductor business in the second half of the year. In addition, WIMI Hologram cloud has the leading 3D computer vision technology and SAAS platform technology, recommended application in holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic education, holographic communication fields.  

Based on the above layout of domestic and foreign companies in the Metaverse, virtual entertainment and virtual scenes are mentioned most, which is also an important element towards the Metaverse.  With the wide popularization of the application of the Metaverse, the holographic industry in the world will be seen explosive growth. The future of the Internet will be the Metaverse, which will become more and more like the real world. The magic door of the Metaverse is also slowly opening, with subversive changes, making countless people full of hope for it. This incredible digital world is fascinating.

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