Immersive Experience, Overseas Influencers Decode the Happy Huai’an

China Central Broadcasting Corporation, Huai’an, October 18 (Reporter Wang Xifei) Rich in natural resources and profound cultural heritage, Huai’an was once a water transportation hub and an important salt transportation center. It was a city thrived and prospered because of transportation. This is one of the origins of Huaiyang cuisine, which was the feast for the founding of the country. It has Hongze Lake, the fourth largest freshwater lake in China, and is the capital of crayfish in China. It is also the birthplace of the founding premier Zhou Enlai. Wu Chengen, the author of “Journey to the West”, was also born here.

On October 14, the Internet celebrity Artem from Russia, Lucien from the UK and Rachele Longhi from Italy jointly checked in Huai’an to enjoy the delicious Huaiyang cuisine, appreciate the beauty of the lake, experience the culture of Huai’an, take the road of well-off, and decode the happiness of Huai’an.

To experience a city, start with food that opens up your taste buds. Huaiyang cuisine as one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines, pursues the original taste and quality. The foreign Internet celebrities tasted the representative dishes such as soft-pocket long fish, stir fried pucai, Pingqiao tofu, etc., visited the Tianfei Palace pucai farm, went to the Huaiyang Cuisine Museum to learn about food culture, watched the production of Pingqiao tofu on the spot, tried tofu cutting, and was deeply impressed by the masters of Huaiyang cuisine.

Hairy crabs in the Hongze Lake are known to sell “buckets of gold at each sunrise”. Here, the celebrities caught crabs, tied up crabs, ate crabs, and learned about the industry chain of hairy crabs. They praised the delicious big hairy crabs with full crab paste and golden crab roe. What amazed them even more was the diversified sales model such as the live broadcast of hairy crabs, as well as the leisure tourism project driven by Hongze Lake, which truly showed them that the green waters and mountains are gold and silver mountain.

With crayfish industry taking the lead, all other industries also strived. In Xuyi, the celebrities visited crayfish farms such as crayfish-rice symbiosis farms, crayfish-crab polyculture farms, and crayfish and lotus root co-culture farm. The ecological and diversified breeding model refreshed their cognition. Catching crayfish, eating crayfish, and visiting rural characteristic towns, relying on rural ecological resources, local farmers started their own businesses, opened restaurants and B&Bs, which in turn attracted more people to return to their hometowns to start businesses and revitalize the countryside. Now the villagers all live a happy and well-off life.“

The Red Army fears not the trials of the Long March, holding light ten thousand crags and torrents. The Five Ridges wind like gentle ripples, and the majestic Wumeng roll by, globules of clay…” At Xin’an Elementary School, the celebrities and students read “Seven Lü: Long March” together, felt the heroism and optimism of the great man’s bravery and tenacity, visited various reading spaces and experienced the atmosphere of reading for all.

In the 4-day trip, the foreign Internet celebrities checked in and recorded along the road. They want to introduce Huai’an to more people in their own unique way, let the world know about Huai’an, love Huai’an as they do, and visit Huai’an just like they did!

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