Forjars: the brand made by canners, for canners.

If someone is canning using typical store-bought jar lids, then they are losing years of potential shelf-life, which is quite easily solved, with one simple change! 

It is now well-known that manufacturers of traditional jar lids cut corners in order to maximize their profits.

Whether these profit-maximizing cuts are made with the lid being extra-thin which leads to inflating and deforming or the use of low-quality silicone which increases the chance of leaks.

The end result is that one spends all this time canning food, only for the contents to go bad before it should do.

Enter the solution: Forjars.

Forjars offer a storage lid solution much superior to anything on the market right now, providing cans with a lid that stores perishables the right way – the long way.

Forjars is a company for canners, created by canners, who sought to identify and solve the biggest problems that canners faced when canning their food.

They discovered that the manufacturers of most canning jars cut corners and sell shoddy lids, which leads to contamination, rotting, and the waste of the contents…

To tackle this, after much testing in their own canning endeavors, the founders of Forjars found that with an increased lid thickness of about 0.18mm, they would automatically solve the problem of inflation or deformation – no more out-of-shape lids!

They also replaced the cheap and low-quality silicone found in most lid seals with a very high-quality food-grade silicone. The quality of the silicone used means that nothing slips through. No leakage or air gets in or out, no matter the contents inside.

Acting as an impenetrable barrier, the Forjars BPA-free seals are specifically designed to keep microbes out and flavor in.

Replace the specially engineered Forjars seal with a ‘traditional’ jar seal, and years of shelf-life are instantaneously shaved off from the contents, as no matter what, something from the outside world will find its way inside. It’s impossible for it not to. 

Furthermore, Forjars’ use of high-quality food-grade silicone allows the user to use pressure canning, allowing canners to switch their canning system as they please, regardless of the lid.

These innovations from Forjars are the pillars of their success. A fantastic, innovative product, Forjars has shown that their innovations are well recognized, with Walmart stocking them on their website, and soon to be stocking them on the shelves throughout their stores nationwide. 

Forjars lids come in different sizes, allowing users the chance to pick based on preference and need. Big sizes, small sizes, whatever a canner requires, Forjars provides.

Despite these innovations, Forjars pride themselves on being cost-effective and affordable for everyone.

And if one isn’t an expert canner, Forjars are giving out a specially curated recipe ebook with over 300 canning recipes, to get them on the pathway to becoming one.

Purchase Forjars products through their website, Amazon or Walmart online and get free shipping throughout the USA with all orders.

For more information or inquiries, Forjars can be reached at (941)3487488 or sent an email at

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