Tips in Increasing Chances of Winning Fantasy Basketball 2021

2021 NBA regular series has officially commenced. This also means one thing: it’s the fantasy basketball season. Now is the time for NBA fans to plan and strategize how they will form their dream team to win lots of cash prizes while playing with friends or even strangers.

So, for those who have not drafted their team yet, now is the perfect time to do so as there will be lots of NBA news that will feed you information about the players.

And to those who have already drafted their dream team for this season’s fantasy basketball, there are no reasons to be complacent. Certainly, this year’s regular series will be different from the previous seasons and there will be lots of unexpected scenarios.

Whatever the case is, these tips will be useful to increase your chances of winning this season’s fantasy basketball.

  1. Pick an all-around player

These athletes are also called “role players” as they have the ability to score, assist, and even defend their opponents. All-around players are often overlooked as they are not as flashy as the usual team superstars but they are very efficient in whatever role their coaches will give them.

By selecting these players, your dream team will have more points as their statistics will not focus on just one aspect of the game.

  1. Be aware of injury-prone athletes

Injury is inevitable in any contact sport. But no matter how accomplished or great a player is, if they have missed several training sessions and games, you better think twice before adding them to your roster. Fantasy basketball is not just about the greats, but also discovering the ‘future legends’ of the league.

The middle rounds of the NBA can be quite tricky. So, to stay ahead of fantasy basketball, you may pick young-blooded players who are brimming with potential in containing the league’s superstars.

  1. Add players from weak teams

This is commonly a newbie mistake: fantasy basketball players would only pick from teams with good standings. A lot of hidden gems are from NBA’s terrible teams. This may seem unlikely but some of the athletes from these teams also care about their individual standings. Meaning, they have to go out there and play their best every game so that coaches from other teams, especially the great ones, might notice their aptitude.

With this, you must also consider watching and observing matches of these weak teams to see who can be part of your dream team in fantasy basketball. One will never know, you might be able to draft a diamond in the rough.

In conclusion, all it takes is knowledge about the ins and outs of NBA. One should be updated of the latest happenings and headlines so that they can draft their dream team strategically.

Good thing, there’s Kikoff to help fantasy basketball players be updated on the game. Kikoff provides in-depth data and professional match analysis for an accurate fan insight about the sport.

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