Historic “The Showdown” from the 80s boxing era likely to hit the screens with rising filmmaker Zachary Paige-Westbrook

After making waves with “My Brother’s Keeper”, Zachary Paige-Westbrook a.k.a. Enter The Draco™ is now looking forward to making a movie on the landmark “The Showdown”.

Memphis, Tennessee – October 21, 2021 – Talk about the most iconic boxing matches and the  historic “The Showdown” (Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Thomas Hearns) from the 80s boxing era is sure to be on the top list. And now, the legendary World Welterweight Championship match is likely to hit the screens, recreated in the form of a movie. Rising filmmaker Zachary Paige-Westbrook a.k.a. Enter The Draco™ has recently announced plans to make a movie on the legendary match, entitled “SUGAR V HITMAN”,  with the blessing and support of the professional boxing world.

“The Showdown” was a World Welterweight Championship match that was held between WBC Welterweight champion Sugar Ray Leonard and WBA Welterweight champion Thomas Hearns on September 16, 1981, at Caesars Palace, Paradise, Nevada. The match concluded with a severely injured Leonard as the winner and the proud holder of the unified World Welterweight Championship. However, there was a long-drawn controversy surrounding the match, especially regarding the 6th and 7th rounds. Although all the judges gave the 6th and 7th rounds to the winner by a margin of 10-9 yet many were of the opinion that the 10-point scoring rule hadn’t been properly used and the rounds must have been settled at 10-8. Till this day, “The Showdown ” is regarded as one of the most controversial matches of the professional boxing world. 

“I am excited to share with all that I am all geared up to make a film on the legendary ‘The Showdown’ boxing match from the 80s boxing era. One of the most thrilling and nail-biting marches in the history of professional boxing, ‘The Showdown’ was one-of-its-kind- the entire boxing world will always remember the match with awe and reverence. Being a boxing and martial arts fanatic, I have always been drawn to the iconic match and now I am looking forward to recreating the legendary fight on the screen in the form of a movie”, stated Mr. Draco. 

Zachary Paige-Westbrook a.k.a. Enter The Draco™ has already written the screenplay for “SUGAR V HITMAN” and is currently waiting for the nod from the boxing world before proceeding with further steps. The screenplay also includes excerpts from Mike Tyson Hotboxing Podcast Episode with Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, and Sugar Shane Moseley. 

The film will be directed by Mr. Draco and he also has plans to act in the movie in the role of one of the boxers. The movie will be produced by Mr. Draco’s film production company, Enter The Draco™️ Productions. 

Mr. Draco is an up -and -coming screenwriter, director, music composer, producer, actor, martial arts champion, and a rising star on YouTube with his new feature film, “My Brother’s Keeper”. He is also the founder of The Draco™️ Productions. 

The Grandson of 2x Emmy Winner and DC Legend, Virgin Mary Jefferson, Zachary Paige-Westbrook is one of the most promising names in the realm of entertainment industry today. However, despite being the grandson of such an iconic figure, his early life was marred with tragedy and trauma, following his parents’ death. Fortunately, he was later adopted by the renowned black Emmy-Winning journalist, Ann Sawyer, the best friend and student of Mary Jefferson, and that was the most important turning point of his life.  

Under Ann’s care and guidance, Zachary enrolled into theatre, film, and martial arts, winning numerous gold medals and international martial arts championships. Today, Zachary is a proud HBCU graduate of the Illustrious Dillard University in New Orleans, LA where he became a city-wide star on the stage performing a range in a variety of plays from Shakespeare to August Wilson. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Theatre Performance. He is also a proud member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc Epsilon Alpha Chapter. During college, Zachary served in the Army National Guard for 3 years. Now an HBCU grad, Zachary continues to strive for excellence in producing his own films and entertainment under his own production company. 

“Not many movies are made on the boxing world; it’s unfortunate because the boxing ring has always been a place of many interesting stories and the world must know about them. ‘SUGAR V HITMAN’ is our humble attempt to bring one such iconic incident to the bigger world around us. I am positive that I and my team would be able to do justice to the great match. I hope the leading boxing giants would consider my efforts and emotions and allow me to proceed with my dream film.” 

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