Learn to Create Stories That Sell

“The single greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” – George Bernard Shaw

The difference between talking and communication is the “secret weapon” of all successful salespeople. Motivational coach Tony Gaskins says that communication is like oxygen – without it, things die. That includes our business relationships. In sales, we need to stop talking, and start communicating to maximize our opportunities.

Talking is what happens when we arrive at a sales meeting “show up and throw up”. It’s the 50-slide PowerPoint deck focused mostly on your capabilities that you show the prospect before you have listened to their problem. We have all been in “that” meeting, business presentation or sales meeting with a prospect or a client and we have all done it at one point or another of our careers.

Businesspeople who have this approach don’t generally survive in today’s business world where communication is the major key to success. If you have been around for a while, odds are that you have already learned that lesson . . . the hard way.

The question is, “Why do we have to learn it the hard way?”

As humans, we are hardwired to interact, yet that isn’t enough. Telling the right story the right way at the right time is the difference between success and failure.

Storytelling has been a product of continual, generational change, and may have predated language as we know it. Paintings and etchings on cave walls 30,000 years ago retold fables, myths, and memorialized history. As time went on and language formed, telling stories around the ancient campfires passed traditions from generation to generation.

The best storytellers in every tribe were revered. They could paint those pictures with their words! They kept listeners on the edge of their seats, fully engaged in stories that invited the audience into the story.

We have all been to conferences where a guest speaker totally engages us. Yet 80 percent of speakers are just dreadful bores who make you wonder how long it is until the next coffee break. What do the other 20% have that makes them compelling, and how can you learn and apply that “20% secret sauce” so you can you can be successful?

Good news: It turns out that over all of those years, we humans have created a formula for a definable, repeatable, profitable process for storytelling and sales success. It is called “story theory” and it is part of every movie, novel, or other story that has ever captured your attention.

Once you know the elements and how to arrange and present them, you can be among that 20 percent. Finding a coach who can teach you and your business that formula and help you develop the skills that create stories that engage the prospect and create sales relationships is the key to long-term business success.

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