Parkers Detailing Co. Announces a Grand Opening Alongside the Services It Offers

Parkers Detailing Co. Announces a Grand Opening Alongside the Services It Offers
Parkers Detailing Co. is a leading auto detailing company. It has recently announced a grand opening alongside the services it offers in detail.

Gig Harbor, WA – October 21, 2021 – Parkers Detailing Co. in a website post has announced a grand opening with the services it offers.

With years of experience in car detailing Gig Harbor, the team is glad to help clients stay on top of regular car maintenance to keep everything shipshape. They offer numerous autos detailing packages according to individual needs and the size of their vehicle. These include interior cleaning to freshen up the inside of the car.

This package includes thorough vacuuming of all seats and carpet; shampooing of all carpet (steam cleaning in any areas where necessary). Plus, pressure washing of all rubber weather tech floor mats; cleaning back floorboard; cleaning and protective treatment of all hard plastic; cleaning and protective treatment on all leather, and many more.

The exterior auto detailing Gig Harbor package includes a thorough but gentle hand wash of all panels; clay bar treatment of paint to remove any tar spots. Also, pressure washing of plastic bumpers, wheels, and tires; protective treatment on tires; and all paint.

The other service they offer is ceramic coating Gig Harbor. This treatment can provide a car with genuinely pleasant shine and protection and is an excellent investment in the long-term care of the vehicle. Many people love the deep, beautiful gloss that ceramic coating offers a car. This is usually paired with paint correction to ensure a smooth surface first. Ceramic coating for cars protects against various external threats that can degrade the appearance and value of the vehicle. Without such protection, a vehicle is vulnerable to chips, scratches, and other sources of damage such as UV rays and chemical acidity from dead insects and bird droppings.

The team also offers paint correction solutions that can completely transform the vehicle in the eyes of onlookers. But it takes an expert auto detailing eye to identify flaws and a deft hand to give a fantastic job and address them appropriately. Invest in a trip to Parkers Detailing Co to provide the vehicle with the deluxe auto detailing treatment and ceramic coating to bring some new shine to the old ride! With paint correction Gig Harbor, there is a way to get a good job and get out on the road and give the care its very best shape.

About Parkers Detailing CO.

Built on principles of trust, collaboration, and attention to detail, Parkers Detailing CO. offers a variety of finest car detailing services that will revitalize a vehicle both inside and out. In addition to car detailing, they can buffer exterior marks and dents, correct paint, and apply ceramic coating to restore the vehicle to glory. Their auto detailing process includes steam-cleaning, removing stains and too much liquid, and even protecting against future stains using special carpet coating, giving you genuinely pleasant service. Every vehicle that comes through to the company for service leaves better than before, polished and perfected with top-notch tools, resources, and expertise.

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